Monday, September 15, 2008

What the heck Firefox?

Ok guys, whats going on over there at firefox? HELLO? I saw there was an update on Yahoo and so I downloaded expecting some neat new things but instead I can't use firefox at all! I am very annoyed! I lost all my saved passwords and links and I don't like it at all! I haven't used IE since it started freezing up all the time. Now I updated to IE 8 and its working fine but I can't get my passwords or favorites back. Hef and I send a big foot thump in the direction of firefox!
Anyhow, it was hot hot hot this weekend! Very humid and that made my hair very frizzy :( I had a very nice time at Andersons, they had pumpkin custard, it was like creamy pie filling. On Sunday Hef's dad mowed the lawn while Hef and I played by the pool. Hef was a very good bunny and helped trim the weeds inside the gates. We didn't swim but I put my feet in and it was cold!
On another very exciting note we are looking at apartments! Of course none of the show models seem open on the weekends! Hef's dad wants a garage, has to have a garage, I want a pool and a fitness room. I saw an ad for one that even had a tanning bed, well now your talking! Unfortunatly it seems that is a students only place. Not fair!
I want to make something different for dinner tonight. Its usually a porkchop or a chicken breast with a side, occasionally a roast. I'll have to see what's on sale this week.

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The Bunns said...

Being technically challenged, we have no idea about fire fox and etc. but glad to get this blog back .. it had gone missing from our view for awhile!