Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain blech

It does not look like this outside. I wish it did. It had been for days but now the forecast shows nothing but depressing little rain clouds. It was absolutely POURING yesterday when it was time for Shadow the Dog's second walk. They were talking about cloud to ground lightening so we decided not to take the second walk. That sucks.
I got these new dvds at the library, Skinny Bitch Boot Camp and Skinny Bitch Booty Blast. Oh my goodness I love them!!! Hef's dad saw the cartoon skinny bitch on the cover and he was pretty excited too, lol!
Is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? Or at the Bunny Lounge we call it shooby dooby dance because thats what the thing sounds like when they come back from commercial. From some reason SYTYCD inspired Hef's dad to FINALLY shorten the chain on the light in the dining room so we can stop hitting our heads on it. Next step, getting a dining room table.
Tonight is Don't Forget the Lyrics, which Hef's dad tottally has to go on! He is so good at it! He played along last week with Meatloaf and his cute daughter and did really well. I'm going to check out the fox site to see how I can get him on there so I can get my million!
Thats all for now!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh yeah we forgot

We told the story of the dining room but we forgot that when we were removing wallpaper that a spot looked like a bun and we took a picture. BUNNY!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Costumes? Am I that crazy?

First and foremost HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Secondly, I never said costumes I said outfits, very dignified outfits.

Ok so Shadow's is dignified, Hef's doesn't fit and was too big so now that I have his picture in it he doesn't have to wear it ever again!

We also feel sad today because up at Devil's Hole Park, where we intended to picnic but cancelled due to illness a ways back, a man was hiking alone and fell to his death somehow. His name has not been released so we send out a general sympathy to his relations.

So my big Bun Light drinkin mouth has invited everyone in sight at yesterday's cook out (with steaks! and danish!) to today's cookout and bon fire, but I don't care, it'll be fun. That's all for now!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Better call ahead

See thats what I said to Hef's dad on Thursday. "Why don't you call ahead and check the hours?" Did he? No! So when we drove about 40 minutes to go to Old Fort Niagara, what happened? They were closing in twenty minutes! So instead we drove to Lewiston and happened upon Water Street Landing, a restauraunt I have repeatedly seen advertised in our local pennysaver. Now I am a restaurant lover, especially with Seafood and Champagne so I have often shoved this restaurants ad in Hef's dad's face! It was close to 5 o' clock (which is when Old fort Niagara closes if you intend to go) so HURRAY! Fancy Dinner! Not only that, they have quite the view and they sat us at the BEST table ever! It was one of those circular booths, but a small one so Hef's dad had to sit real close and it faced a panoramic view of the Niagara river. With the sun shining it was gorgreous!


I had two lobster tails with the best green beans ever and mashed potatoes and Hef's Dad had the surf and turf, oozing with blood just the gross way he likes it. Also I had two splits of champagne just because they had my favorite Martini & Rossi Asti. Hef's dad had a draft Bass beer and it was a steal at $3.50!

Also I am happy to report that my herbs are starting to sprout! Remember we are looking for Parsley, Basil, Sweet Basil, and Dill! Of course Hef's dad moved my pots so I forgot which is which but one pot is all dill and the Parsley and Basils are in the other.Our Strawboogey has three, really THREE flowers on it right now, I can't wait to see the little strawboogies!

Today we are off to Hef's grandparents on his dad's side and more importantly to get the Bunny 16 at the feed store in Boston (which is a good 45 minutes away but the only place that sells bunny 16 and by god Hef is going to continue to get Bunny 16) Tommorrow we are having my mother over foor a cook out. Hef and Shadow the Dog are of corse patriotic and will show off their outfits tomorrow!

Monday, May 18, 2009

After a brief break we are back...

Ok, on Wednesday we didn't really have anything to say so we didn't blog, then we didn't get internet back until today! AGH! We need to talk to our bun friends because now we actually have interesting things happening!
First off is our very much not fun thing that happened! Shadow the Dog was doing a very good Sit-Wait on the porch while our mail was delivered. The mailman left so we started to walk down to the mailbox and right at the spot where the porchpath meets the driveway I look down and there is a big snake at my feet. Brave Shadow the Dog chased it off into the grass and then was very good about returning to me when I told her to leave it. Yuck! If you recall we have seen a snake before but this one was BIGGER, thicker around, was gray like the other one but had orange stripes along its sides. YIKES! I am proud to say it only took me about ten minutes to get the courage to go back outside to get the mail because I knew I had a netflix movie coming. It's a personal triumph!

SPOTTED: Thursday Night a Mystery Bunny was seen leaving the BL just as Hef's Parents were returning from their errands!

Wonder if its a doe, or just a buck who wanted a drink?
During the rest of our time away from our beloved lounge blog Hef's Dad has taken my simple removal of wallpaper in the dining room and turn it into a 4 day project requiring belt sanders and so much dust it looks like a town after a volcano goes through! Last night we went on a day trip to a very romantic restaurant but thats for next time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shadow, and the danger of chicken soup

"Did you get my dog sick? Can I eat you instead?"
Well last night we went out to get medicine for Shadow the Dog and we are in Petco, because Petsmart did not have the medicine that they clearly showed on their website! Anyhow we are standing in Petco and we get a call. Apparently Shadow the Dog had wandered three house down the street! We had put her on a tie out line incase she had to go potty in the backyard. The guy was nice enough to tie Shadow the Dog to our basketball pole with another tie out. We get home and the orginal tie out is still tied to the deck and the clip on the other end is intact. I checked Shadow the Dog's collar, the metal ring was still on her collar, everything appears to be in tact. How the heck did she get out?!

We haven't seen any signs of illness out of Shadow the Dog since mid-yesterday but are giving her a few treatments just in case.

I finished Rex and the City and have just started Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul and I can only read about ten pages at a time before I start getting teary-eyed! EVIL! However this
could have some perks when Hef's dad is home...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Poor Shadow the Dog

Poor Shadow the Dog is sick with vomiting and diaherrea. :( She is being very good and alerting us to her need to go outside and only had one accident in the house. Which was my fault because I was soaking in the bath. So we are off to Petsmart tonight and I am spending my day reading articles about it.
Also I am reading Rex and the city, which is about a setter mix rescued from a shelter much like our own Shadow the Dog. Its really good so far, go check it out!

Last night Hef's old buddy from his old house, Rusty the Dog came over for dinner. We also had both of Hef's grandmas one of his great-grandmas and his grandpa. I cooked a turkey in one of those oven bags. I highly recommend that, usually I brine a turkey but this was easier and will be my go to now!

On Saturday we went shopping and got a rose bush and a STRAWBOOGEY! I'm excited. Hef really likes to eat rose leaves and petals. Oh yeah and on Friday I planted Dill and Basil and Parsley in nice pots. Then sure enough last night and tonight have a frost warning! Our calender is all marked up with dates to see seedlings. I am so excited about the dill. I LOVE DILL!

Speaking of dill there was a coupon for my favorite dill pickles in the paper. Hoppy mothers day to me!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hoppy Mommys Day


And to my grandmommys and my bunny mommy too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ok so my evening was a waste

Man am I annoyed! I go to the supermarket, I love the supermarket and my coupons. Oh the coupon deals excite me. For example yesterday I got a free pack of grill seasoning, free roll of paper towels, two free packs of gum and a free bottle of Mr. Clean. However last night I was very angry at the supermarket. I wanted to get a bag of rawhide bones for Shadow the Dog but Hef's dad decided he wanted something diffrent. So we are perusing the basted bones and the huge bones with the little bits on it (decidely too messy for our carpet). Then Hef's dad grabs a bag of pig ears. I glance at the price and it has a discontinued tag that says $1.92. Fine great, back to my regular shopping. Come check out time we have the worlds slowest checkout lady ever!! I worked in retail for over two years, specifically as a grocery cashier for 8 months, and I can scan 700 some items per hour so I expect some quickness in my checkout. This woman is slow and checking out my items and I didn't care for her bagging. Eventually I find out its her first day so ok I let it go but then I hand over my coupons and she is reading each one then looking into my bags messing them up and THEN scanning my coupon. Scan the coupon first then if it doesn't work we'll talk, ok? Nope, this lady's reading my coupons like they are the sunday comics. Then we finally get out of there and great now its raining. So we rush to get in the car and head to the library. Annoying but its over right? NO! Because my deal of pig ears has rung up as 22.99. GREAT! It did make me feel a little better knowing I didn't spend that much. We rushed through the library to get back to the supermarket thinking we are going to get a super refund, which in this case means an extra ten bucks. I don't know if other supermarkets do this but ours has a scanner accuracy guarntee where if something rings up wrong or the wrong price is displayed on the shelf ticket you get the difference back plus that amount times ten up to ten dollars. Fine I'll go back in the rain for ten bucks. I get back and we are all set filling out the form when the manager asks to see it on the shelf. Hef's dad being the business man I leave him to fill out the form. I go with the manager (who REALLY needs to lay off the tanner and should cover her barbwire tattoo when working) and show her the other pig ear bags neatly stacked (thats important) on the shelf. She rips off the ticket and the tickets of some food dish so she goes RUNNING back to customer service calling "It's not a super refund, it's not a super refund!" CLASSY! She starts telling me that it's not a super refund because it was in the wrong spot. I can accept that but then she says the same excuse I have heard managers use time and again just to shut customers up. "Really a customer could have stuck those there so we aren't responsable," Yeah? Really? A customer neatly stocked wobbly bags of pig ears? Sure they did. Go back to your tanning booth lady. So for our troubles we got a regular refund, no dog treats and pretty wet in the rain.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hef Buntini and the Shadow

I've decided I'm going to make two new cocktails. The Hef Buntini and the Shadow.I know what I want for the Shadow. Something dark and purpley. As far as the Hef Buntini, IDK. They don't make Carrot Liquer, do they? I think maybe something creamy vanillay with a chocolate swirl around the glass.

Any suggestions?

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm starting to get concerned!

This bun has fooled me for a long time. Just look at how sweet and cute he is, just haaannngin' out. But then he turned his back to me and started doing some very suspicious things.

Oh everybunny likes to chew on boxes? Is taht what you say? Well this bun ain't just chewin boxes!
See, because now he's hiding behing the box, and I know whats in that box. Tools. This is when I started to realize that this bun is up to no good.

See theres a power drill and a hammer! OH! I think he spotted me here, so I laid low for a while and you know what I saw?
SEE!!! He's doing that thing! The rubbin of the paws! Which we all know is a sign of plotting something. Next thing you know he'll have shifty eye!


Maybe he is plotting against Shadow the Dog, and I'm ok?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It wasn't my fault this time!

I was not being a bad blogger this time, playing outside like some normal person who gets off the computer. How could I? Have you looked outside? Eew. We had internet problems but I guess when you don't pay for it you can't complain. (That's what Hef's dad tells me anyhow, j/k) Hef told me he was trying to be calmer around the dog. Sadly I think this is what he ment:
Clearly Shadow the Dog is a bigger but just as harmless threat. To compare Hef is about tail sized when he is really standing and not bunched up. I admit at first Shadow the Dog was curious and did a lot of sniffing but now that she is allowed in the bunny lounge and sees Hef in his cage for a couple hours everyday she resumes this position if Hef is on the couch with us. Hef is of course the upstart troublemaker bun and gives her the old grunt when she comes over. Shadow the Dog does try to chase the wild buns but she is always leashed and can not but as far as Hef is concerned she just wants to eat his food.