Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain blech

It does not look like this outside. I wish it did. It had been for days but now the forecast shows nothing but depressing little rain clouds. It was absolutely POURING yesterday when it was time for Shadow the Dog's second walk. They were talking about cloud to ground lightening so we decided not to take the second walk. That sucks.
I got these new dvds at the library, Skinny Bitch Boot Camp and Skinny Bitch Booty Blast. Oh my goodness I love them!!! Hef's dad saw the cartoon skinny bitch on the cover and he was pretty excited too, lol!
Is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? Or at the Bunny Lounge we call it shooby dooby dance because thats what the thing sounds like when they come back from commercial. From some reason SYTYCD inspired Hef's dad to FINALLY shorten the chain on the light in the dining room so we can stop hitting our heads on it. Next step, getting a dining room table.
Tonight is Don't Forget the Lyrics, which Hef's dad tottally has to go on! He is so good at it! He played along last week with Meatloaf and his cute daughter and did really well. I'm going to check out the fox site to see how I can get him on there so I can get my million!
Thats all for now!


Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

it's raingin here too (I'm in CT)
we watch that show too - I have 17 year old twin girls that dance so they are glued to it -
lets pray for the sun

FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, wow! Can't wait until Hef's dad wins the million! That will buy a LOT of bunny (and dog) treats!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hey .. don't forget all your pals with the million you get :<)

And Hef ... Hef gets a year's supply of OxBow's finest!

thefluffies said...

Nice photo of Hef outdoor :)

furrybutts said...

Hef looks like a soft toy in that picture ;)

Hope you the million! Hef will be the richest bun in the world then!