Sunday, May 24, 2009

Better call ahead

See thats what I said to Hef's dad on Thursday. "Why don't you call ahead and check the hours?" Did he? No! So when we drove about 40 minutes to go to Old Fort Niagara, what happened? They were closing in twenty minutes! So instead we drove to Lewiston and happened upon Water Street Landing, a restauraunt I have repeatedly seen advertised in our local pennysaver. Now I am a restaurant lover, especially with Seafood and Champagne so I have often shoved this restaurants ad in Hef's dad's face! It was close to 5 o' clock (which is when Old fort Niagara closes if you intend to go) so HURRAY! Fancy Dinner! Not only that, they have quite the view and they sat us at the BEST table ever! It was one of those circular booths, but a small one so Hef's dad had to sit real close and it faced a panoramic view of the Niagara river. With the sun shining it was gorgreous!


I had two lobster tails with the best green beans ever and mashed potatoes and Hef's Dad had the surf and turf, oozing with blood just the gross way he likes it. Also I had two splits of champagne just because they had my favorite Martini & Rossi Asti. Hef's dad had a draft Bass beer and it was a steal at $3.50!

Also I am happy to report that my herbs are starting to sprout! Remember we are looking for Parsley, Basil, Sweet Basil, and Dill! Of course Hef's dad moved my pots so I forgot which is which but one pot is all dill and the Parsley and Basils are in the other.Our Strawboogey has three, really THREE flowers on it right now, I can't wait to see the little strawboogies!

Today we are off to Hef's grandparents on his dad's side and more importantly to get the Bunny 16 at the feed store in Boston (which is a good 45 minutes away but the only place that sells bunny 16 and by god Hef is going to continue to get Bunny 16) Tommorrow we are having my mother over foor a cook out. Hef and Shadow the Dog are of corse patriotic and will show off their outfits tomorrow!


Rabbits' Guy said...

I shudder for the indignity of your patriotic costume Hef ... good luck guy.

furrybutts said...

Costumes?? This we gotta see.. post pictures asap ;)