Monday, May 11, 2009

Poor Shadow the Dog

Poor Shadow the Dog is sick with vomiting and diaherrea. :( She is being very good and alerting us to her need to go outside and only had one accident in the house. Which was my fault because I was soaking in the bath. So we are off to Petsmart tonight and I am spending my day reading articles about it.
Also I am reading Rex and the city, which is about a setter mix rescued from a shelter much like our own Shadow the Dog. Its really good so far, go check it out!

Last night Hef's old buddy from his old house, Rusty the Dog came over for dinner. We also had both of Hef's grandmas one of his great-grandmas and his grandpa. I cooked a turkey in one of those oven bags. I highly recommend that, usually I brine a turkey but this was easier and will be my go to now!

On Saturday we went shopping and got a rose bush and a STRAWBOOGEY! I'm excited. Hef really likes to eat rose leaves and petals. Oh yeah and on Friday I planted Dill and Basil and Parsley in nice pots. Then sure enough last night and tonight have a frost warning! Our calender is all marked up with dates to see seedlings. I am so excited about the dill. I LOVE DILL!

Speaking of dill there was a coupon for my favorite dill pickles in the paper. Hoppy mothers day to me!!!


Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

oh no poor shadow - did he get into something?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Come ON Shadow!!!

FArming is soo hard to do with the unpredictable weather ...