Monday, May 25, 2009

Costumes? Am I that crazy?

First and foremost HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Secondly, I never said costumes I said outfits, very dignified outfits.

Ok so Shadow's is dignified, Hef's doesn't fit and was too big so now that I have his picture in it he doesn't have to wear it ever again!

We also feel sad today because up at Devil's Hole Park, where we intended to picnic but cancelled due to illness a ways back, a man was hiking alone and fell to his death somehow. His name has not been released so we send out a general sympathy to his relations.

So my big Bun Light drinkin mouth has invited everyone in sight at yesterday's cook out (with steaks! and danish!) to today's cookout and bon fire, but I don't care, it'll be fun. That's all for now!

1 comment:

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well Hef, you gave your all. Now hang it up! It is attractive.