Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shadow, and the danger of chicken soup

"Did you get my dog sick? Can I eat you instead?"
Well last night we went out to get medicine for Shadow the Dog and we are in Petco, because Petsmart did not have the medicine that they clearly showed on their website! Anyhow we are standing in Petco and we get a call. Apparently Shadow the Dog had wandered three house down the street! We had put her on a tie out line incase she had to go potty in the backyard. The guy was nice enough to tie Shadow the Dog to our basketball pole with another tie out. We get home and the orginal tie out is still tied to the deck and the clip on the other end is intact. I checked Shadow the Dog's collar, the metal ring was still on her collar, everything appears to be in tact. How the heck did she get out?!

We haven't seen any signs of illness out of Shadow the Dog since mid-yesterday but are giving her a few treatments just in case.

I finished Rex and the City and have just started Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul and I can only read about ten pages at a time before I start getting teary-eyed! EVIL! However this
could have some perks when Hef's dad is home...


Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

that is funny - my buns actually eat the carrot flavored nyla bones

have you read The story of Edgar Sawtell - another animal book worth reading

Anonymous said...

That's really weird.. Shadow must have some Houdini skills. We hope she's getting better :)

The Bunns said...

Hef! It was Hef. Free Shadow!!! More treats for Hef!!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

How in the world did Shadow escape? Amazing.
Hugs to Hef from Razzy and Chloe.