Friday, May 8, 2009

Ok so my evening was a waste

Man am I annoyed! I go to the supermarket, I love the supermarket and my coupons. Oh the coupon deals excite me. For example yesterday I got a free pack of grill seasoning, free roll of paper towels, two free packs of gum and a free bottle of Mr. Clean. However last night I was very angry at the supermarket. I wanted to get a bag of rawhide bones for Shadow the Dog but Hef's dad decided he wanted something diffrent. So we are perusing the basted bones and the huge bones with the little bits on it (decidely too messy for our carpet). Then Hef's dad grabs a bag of pig ears. I glance at the price and it has a discontinued tag that says $1.92. Fine great, back to my regular shopping. Come check out time we have the worlds slowest checkout lady ever!! I worked in retail for over two years, specifically as a grocery cashier for 8 months, and I can scan 700 some items per hour so I expect some quickness in my checkout. This woman is slow and checking out my items and I didn't care for her bagging. Eventually I find out its her first day so ok I let it go but then I hand over my coupons and she is reading each one then looking into my bags messing them up and THEN scanning my coupon. Scan the coupon first then if it doesn't work we'll talk, ok? Nope, this lady's reading my coupons like they are the sunday comics. Then we finally get out of there and great now its raining. So we rush to get in the car and head to the library. Annoying but its over right? NO! Because my deal of pig ears has rung up as 22.99. GREAT! It did make me feel a little better knowing I didn't spend that much. We rushed through the library to get back to the supermarket thinking we are going to get a super refund, which in this case means an extra ten bucks. I don't know if other supermarkets do this but ours has a scanner accuracy guarntee where if something rings up wrong or the wrong price is displayed on the shelf ticket you get the difference back plus that amount times ten up to ten dollars. Fine I'll go back in the rain for ten bucks. I get back and we are all set filling out the form when the manager asks to see it on the shelf. Hef's dad being the business man I leave him to fill out the form. I go with the manager (who REALLY needs to lay off the tanner and should cover her barbwire tattoo when working) and show her the other pig ear bags neatly stacked (thats important) on the shelf. She rips off the ticket and the tickets of some food dish so she goes RUNNING back to customer service calling "It's not a super refund, it's not a super refund!" CLASSY! She starts telling me that it's not a super refund because it was in the wrong spot. I can accept that but then she says the same excuse I have heard managers use time and again just to shut customers up. "Really a customer could have stuck those there so we aren't responsable," Yeah? Really? A customer neatly stocked wobbly bags of pig ears? Sure they did. Go back to your tanning booth lady. So for our troubles we got a regular refund, no dog treats and pretty wet in the rain.


Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

oh girl - I hear you - I love my coupons, and if it's on sale and I have a coupon well there are not words to describe this feeling. I love a bargain.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Sounds like fun! Write an article!