Friday, June 24, 2011

Bandit's on Probation!

Last night Hef's dad stopped in to see me at work. He said he didn't want to get rid of Bandit! So she's sort of on probation. Hef's dad said she could stay as long as she doesn't have another incident and I have no intentions of letting that happen!
I bought her a muzzle today for when company is over or she is outside off leash.
 I hate to muzzle her but bette safe then sorry, we live in a one bite law state. Also it makes her very docile. She layed in the hall today while I went in and out of the house bringing in groceries. It doesn't seem to hinder her breathing, and she can stick her tongue out and drink. She stuck her tongue out a lot, it was funny. Of course Bandit is also wearing her training collar again, and if she is in the backyard she has to be on a tie out. I'm feeling pretty confidant that enough precautions are taken to prvent more incidences. We let our guard down and it almost cost us Bandit, so I'm not going to let this happen again!
"Well, if its this or leaving, I'll put up with it!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


well today was a day! Most of the day was very nice, I went in the pool, soaked up the sun and squeezed in a fair amount of cleaning. Then at about 6pm I was outside with the dogs spraying them with the hose and having fun. I turned my back on Bandit to play with Shadow and Bandit took off. Our neighbor was walking from his front yard to his fenced in back yard and Bandit charged him! She was barking and rearing up and cornered him! I was shocked! I grabbed the remote to her training collar and was able to get her back under control. When Hef's dad came home I told him what happened and he went to our neighbors to see if he was ok. Bandit actually caused a cut on him! Now it looks like we are going to have to find a new home for Bandit. Her behavior with strangers is getting worse and I don't know how to fix it. I thought the time with us and good treatment would help Bandit get better but she isn't. Hef's dad told the neighbors we would get rid of Bandit within a week. We contacted a GSD rescue and I hope they can help but I;m so upset.

Friday, June 17, 2011


This is our 500th post! WOW! I should have planned a giveaway or something! Thanks for the tips on posting the comments, it solved the problem for me and some others! I am already having quiet the morning. I workedtil 12:30 am, and got up at 9:20 feeling kinda blah, then i get text messages about ten minutes later from by boss that he lost his keys and needs me to bring mine up. Not a big deal as I don't live far from work, but Shadow and Bandit were not very happy about it. To top it all off I have to be back at work in an hour, bleck! So in the little time I have before returning to work I'm going to continue to dream of my toronto vacation.
Skyline from the dinner cruise

Hef's Dad outside of Casa Loma (180,000 sq ft!)

And I had to share this! It's Hef's dad and a squirrel. Hef's dad was pretty interested in petting Mr. Squirrel and I had to stand there all panicky and quickly tell him the story of Shell May, the Squirrel, and the ER. Haha!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So a couple times now I have gone to post comments on some of your blgos and it asks me to log in so  I do and then it takes me back to submi my comment, and click and then it asks me to log in again, around and around it goes so heres some comments to those I couldnt post to:
Carmen C- I love the haircut! I just got major highlights in my hair. I was a total whim, our salon is next to the grocery store and after I did my grocery shopping I just walked in and asked for major highlights, light and bright for summer! I texted Hef's dad tat I got my hair done and he said if I cut my hair short he was kicking me out of the house until it grew back, lucky me I didn't cut one inch!
Lorna- I agree there is no rush to get a new bunny. I think I would have a hard time getting another bun right away after hef (knock on wood!). A special bun is hard to replace so hang in there! And of course even if you never get another bunny, keep blogging because we're not going anywhere!

Lobsters! I love Lobsters!

It doesn't take any amount of convincing to get me to go out for lobsters, or to cook lobsters, eat lobsters, whatever, I love lobsters. Hef's dad and I have gone out and had lobsters because it was Friday and we were both off work. Yesterday however, I bought lobsters for a special reason. Hef's dad his first real day on the job at HSBC! Monday was a HR day, and I worked til 1am anyhow. So last night we celebreted with lobsters and cold HEFEweizen beers.
I even took the rubberbands off myself and put them in the pot, I didn't make Hef's dad do it.

Now thats dinner!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toronto Harbour Cruise!

Hef's dad and I spent Saturday morning walking along the waterfront in Toronto and saw some large boats docked, they were tour boats. We decided to see if they were sailing yet and if we could get reservations. Unfortunately the "Romance on the Harbour" tour was booked, but we got on another boat.
If I was rich, I would hire someone to follow Hef's dad and I around and take pictures of us.

Hef's dad in front of our dinner cruise boat!

Isn't the little paddle wheel darling?
 It was actually a three hour cruise around the harbour and around Toronto Island. It was so much fun and very romantic even without the romantic tour boat!
Hef's dad!

Big City, Bright Lights!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back Home!

Yup, our weekend is over already! A lot of the time I love our little island community, but after visiting a big city like Toronto or NYC thats where I want to live. Its so exciting, so much more to see! We did a lot in 2 and a half days, let's start at the hotel:
Raiding the minibar, with Bombay Saphirre Gin & Tonics!

11 floors up, its an amazing view!

Hef's dad approves!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mama's Leaving!

Mama is leaving for the weekend! Dad is going too! Mama says a nice pet sitter lady is going to check on us. Mama and Bandit already met her at the park earlier this week to make sure Bandit would like her. I don't think this is fair! What if I don't like her? What if she can't make my food right? What if Mama doesn't bring me back any presents?
Mama says we will all be fine and that she will be home Sunday night. Mama says they are leaving the country and going to Toronto! Is this legal? Are Mamas allowed to go this far away from their bunnies?
Mama wanted me to share that while Bandit did well with the pet sitter lady, she did not do well with pet sitter lady's dog. So Bandit has to stay home with me (Can't even get the house to myself!) and Shadow is going to stay at the pet sitter lady's house. To prepare for leaving, Mama bought Bandit new toys, ya know what she bought me? A litter scoop! Great present, not! Hurry Back Mama!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

While Bandit was away...

While Bandit was away (at the vet) Mr. Hef came out to play!
"Ok Ma, your turn to be bartender bring me a nice Mint Mojito"
 Shadow is nice with Hef, but we've never tried letting Hef hop around Bandit. So when Bandit was at the vet I let Hef have some luxuries.
"'Less photos, more cocktails please!"
 Hef didn't stay out long, I always worry about him having heat stroke! So we came inside to play in the air conditioning.
"Lalala, not doing anything  bad, lalala"
 Of course Hef admits he is glad Bandit is back, as we all are. Bandit is halfway through her medicine trail, so far its not looking like its helped :(
*snuggle snuggle*

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bandit Report

I know I was slow with writing this, but I had some 24 bug the night before Bandit went to the vet and I was wiped out! The vet had to put Bandit under the gas because the problem was in her throat and she was trying to nip them when they tried to get a good look. What the vet discovered was that Bandit has excess tissue around her epaglotus/trachea/esphogus area. All the excess tissue makes it hard for Bandit to push air in and out because it has to work past the extra tissue. The vet said that this is not a common problem in German Shepherds and it is usually found in short snout dogs like pugs and bull dogs. Bandit likely has this condition from improper use of a choke collar (which is really any use actually in my opinion) or from being tied up all the time and lunging at the end of her chain. For now Bandit is on a medicine trial to see if it helps her, if not we will have to go see a surgeon who could see if surgery would help.
The recovering patient