Friday, June 10, 2011

Mama's Leaving!

Mama is leaving for the weekend! Dad is going too! Mama says a nice pet sitter lady is going to check on us. Mama and Bandit already met her at the park earlier this week to make sure Bandit would like her. I don't think this is fair! What if I don't like her? What if she can't make my food right? What if Mama doesn't bring me back any presents?
Mama says we will all be fine and that she will be home Sunday night. Mama says they are leaving the country and going to Toronto! Is this legal? Are Mamas allowed to go this far away from their bunnies?
Mama wanted me to share that while Bandit did well with the pet sitter lady, she did not do well with pet sitter lady's dog. So Bandit has to stay home with me (Can't even get the house to myself!) and Shadow is going to stay at the pet sitter lady's house. To prepare for leaving, Mama bought Bandit new toys, ya know what she bought me? A litter scoop! Great present, not! Hurry Back Mama!


Jade said...

Oh Hef, I don't know how your mama can leave the house when you are dishing out that much cute! I'm sure she will bring you something nice to make up for leaving you behind, though.

Mickey said...

What time is your mom leaving? I've got papaya bits and carrot juice and I'm on my way over. Party at the Bunny Lounge! Woo!

B L said...

That is the cutest lament I've ever read. Oh Hef ... you poor baby.

I've just started reading a detective story narrated by a dog. I think Hef should narrate a book about something. He has a unique perspective; gets right to the heart of the matter.

Carmen C. said...

Sadly but true that bunny mamas do leave once in awhile *sigh* as I will be leaving my own bunns in Sept. to go to Hawaii and see my own baby and new grandchild:) Bandit will hold down the fort though and before you know it they will be back (and mama will feel guilty for having left you...and you will get spoiled rotten;)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Poor on the guilt Hef - they deserve it. Besides Toronto is for foreign people and when they come back they will probably speak french or say "eh?" a lot or lose all their money at a gambling house.

Serves them right.

(Bunns want to know what time is the party? And, can they bring the cat?))

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Indeed Hef, demand gifts upon their return!
xx, shell

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