Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So a couple times now I have gone to post comments on some of your blgos and it asks me to log in so  I do and then it takes me back to submi my comment, and click and then it asks me to log in again, around and around it goes so heres some comments to those I couldnt post to:
Carmen C- I love the haircut! I just got major highlights in my hair. I was a total whim, our salon is next to the grocery store and after I did my grocery shopping I just walked in and asked for major highlights, light and bright for summer! I texted Hef's dad tat I got my hair done and he said if I cut my hair short he was kicking me out of the house until it grew back, lucky me I didn't cut one inch!
Lorna- I agree there is no rush to get a new bunny. I think I would have a hard time getting another bun right away after hef (knock on wood!). A special bun is hard to replace so hang in there! And of course even if you never get another bunny, keep blogging because we're not going anywhere!


Carmen C. said...

Thanks for the compliments sweetie! Alot of folks have been having issues with the commenting, here is something that has helped some....When you sign into blogger, just unclick the keep me signed in block ! And then you should be able to leave a comment ! Hope it works for you;)

Jade said...

Carmen is right--I had the same problem with commenting until I unchecked the "keep me signed in" box on the blogger login page--which makes me wonder why Blogger has the fool thing if they don't want you using it.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Ditto on the unclick for me too!

Saw that lobster!!!! BL whining.

(PS - after the riots in Vancouver I guess I don't maybe want to go live there!)

bunnits said...

Yea, durn Blogger! Thanks for the info, 'cause I've been having problems every so often trying to comment.