Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lobsters! I love Lobsters!

It doesn't take any amount of convincing to get me to go out for lobsters, or to cook lobsters, eat lobsters, whatever, I love lobsters. Hef's dad and I have gone out and had lobsters because it was Friday and we were both off work. Yesterday however, I bought lobsters for a special reason. Hef's dad his first real day on the job at HSBC! Monday was a HR day, and I worked til 1am anyhow. So last night we celebreted with lobsters and cold HEFEweizen beers.
I even took the rubberbands off myself and put them in the pot, I didn't make Hef's dad do it.

Now thats dinner!


B L said...

OMG! First you have Sapphire Martinis; then lobster. You guys DO know how to live.

The Fab Furs said...

So, in addition to you being assistant manager, Hef's dad has also gotten a new position? Congratulations! Worth celebrating with lobster! What did the furs have?

bunnits said...

Oh! Oh! Want Lobster!!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Congratulations to Hef's Dad! As for dead critter dinner...well, glad ya'll enjoyed it and I'm happy for ya. ;)
xx, shell

Lisa said...

CONGRATS to Hef's Dad!!!!! That is so incredibly exciting!!! So now that you're both making such big waves, when's the wedding?? ;-p

Jon made it a personal goal to eat lobster every day while we were on vacation. Ever since we got back he's been like a fiend. Maybe it's a summer thing?