Monday, March 28, 2011

New Family Photos!

In what was a very long day and a very long story, Hef's dad and I bought glasses. Hef's dad hasn't worn glasses in ages and it's been about five years for me!
Oh he's just so cute!
 Also the pups just wanted to share how nicely they are getting along. Before this they were licking eachothers mouths and playing with their paws.
 Ok, ok and here I am with my glasses.
Not bad fo 25 right? lol!


Carmen C. said...

You both look great in your glasses, and I LOVE that pic of the pups, but *somebunny* appears to be missing from the family pics....;)

sorry4disappointingyou said...

How cute both of you look! As I have always been blessed(ha)with wearing awful horribly thick glasses, whenever I have to order new glasses I immediately go into a sad for me shame spiral of remembrance of thick glasses, corduroy pants, and uncoolness from my youth, so glad other people see getting glasses as just getting glasses, and not the end of the world as I do. lol

Jade said...

New glasses: Nose bonks (and an extra nose bonk each for cuteness)

Puppy pic: Nose bonks (and an extra nose bonk each for playing nice together)

No Hef: Two very loud thumps with disapproval set on stun (lowest setting--meant to warn, but not disable)

The Fab Furs said...

Glasses are much better than LASIK surgery and an accessory that you can change over time. Nice shot of the dogs looking happy. Was Hef busy in the kitchen?

RoadBunner said...

nice glasses!

The pups do look very happy together :)

Lisa said...

I just got new glasses too!!! I've never really worn glasses before, but I was BLIND! You and Hef's Dad look great! And the pups look SO happy together!

Lisa said...

Where's Hef?!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hef's on the camera!

"Four eyes! Four eyes! Neener Neener neener!"


Michelle May (Shell) said...

Very cute ya'll! You both look great. What a fun picture of the pups!
xx, shell