Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hef blogs again!

Ok, goodness, Mama wants me to blog today, and it's a little embrassing! It all started Friday morningwhen Mama came into my room for my morning treat. Usually I am like I am below. I get all excited to see Mama and get my treat! But on Friday I was hiding and not taking my treat. Mama thought I might be sad about poor Baxter and went to work. When Mama came home I ate my treat so Mama figured I was fine. Yesterday morning Mama realized there were a lot more pellets in my bowl then usual, and a lot less "doots" elsewhere. (Oh Mama! What an embrassing thing!) So Mama came to work and wrote BL, because Mama knew she's a bun expert and would help us out! BL told Mama to get a pineapple and juice it. Mama and Daddy went and got one after work. When Mama came up to give me the pineapple she was so happy because I had a big "doot" in my potty. Mama actually gave me an itty bitty slice of pineapple anyhow and she took me in the bathroom and PULLED, yes pulled! clumps off fur off my buns until I had no more extra furs!

So take a look Mama, and everybun! Here is my picked over buns, my new "doots" and my much emptier food dish!

This is so embrassing, now I know how Kate Couric feels! Bye everyone!


Carmen C. said...

I'm so glad your feeling better little one, one of my bunns had the same thing a couple days ago, and he is back on track now as well:)

Jade said...

Awww, Hef--it's ok, honeybun, everybunny goes through a little tummy trouble once in a while. It's a good thing your mama caught it before things got really bad.

Tell your mama that a little fresh papaya mixed in with the pineapple helps as well. That's what works for Mickey.

bunnygirl said...

Poor Hef. Keep getting better, little friend!

B L said...

Oh Hef's Mom, you are just too cute! I loved how you gushed over finding a bunny poop the other day on F/B. That is something ALL bunny moms do at one time or another. I don't even feel silly about it anymore. You are a really good bunny mom!!!

I'm so glad Hef is ok now. All that extra fur may have done it. Or perhaps some internal distress because of Baxter. Cannot rule that out.

RG is coming home tonight. I actually missed him! Not much, but there was a moment there. He will go nuts over the Chocolate Snickers Cake I got for last night's dessert. He adores Snickers.

I am headed to a nearby church to have spaghetti dinner. BL does not go to church; BL believes in the goddess; BL will try not to get into too much trouble ... although I do have a few things to discuss with the pastor.

Michelle May said...

Oh thank goodness you caught it before it got to bad. Indeed keep the extra loose fur off. Better in your hands than in the bunny tummy.
Happy bunny poop dance! David calls me the poop inspector. Hey, what can I say.
xx, shell

ps.. did you get something in the mail today????? :)

FrecklesandDeb said...

We're so glad all is well.

It is a little embarrassing to have your personal private stuff out there on the Internet, but a bun's got to do what a bun's got to do (or is that doot?)