Friday, September 17, 2010

Early Presents!

The best thing about birthdays is of course CAKE! Other then that my favorite part is presents that come early in the mail! In case you didn't know my birthday is Saturday! Lucky me I got one from Shell May of The Raspberry Rabbits! As Shell would say, happy bunny dance! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY PRESENTS!!! Look at that bun, he's a chef! I don't know if you can tell but he has carrots sticking out of his apron pocket, too funny! AND LOOK at those yummy dips, lemon dill, roasted garlic, and cheddar onion! Gotta get some veggies and mix them up!
Also my dad sent me a J.A. Henckls Santoku knife! It's lovely, 7inches long. I used it right away to cut veggies for soup! (I'll post the soup soon cause it was yummy!)
(Ignore the medicine dropper, that was in case Hef got sicker!)
In the spirit of early gifts, Hef's dad gave me one too! It's an adorable microfiber storage ottoman, perfect for Hef's room. Hef's dad said after Hef's scare he wanted to get something nice for his room.

"I don't think it's for storing bunnies Hef!" And of course two seconds after I got my photos Hef hopped out and went back to his cage!


Carmen C. said...

What lovely gifts and I love Hef's new ottoman hideout:) Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!

B L said...

I love birthdays! Everything looks wonderful. Hef is the most willingly photogenic bunny on the world of blogs. Looks like he is happy and feels good.

Maybe secret gift coming tomorrow? In any case Happy Birthday, Hef's Mom!

bunnygirl said...

Happy Almost-Birthday! Yay that Hef is doing better. He looks like he's really enjoying the new storage cube.

Jade said...

oh-m'gawd, Happy Birthday! The gifts are lovely, especially the ottoman/Hef-in-a-box. ;)

Saturday is my mom's birthday as well, and we have been very busy trying to get my crazy family together for a night out. Mom wanted to do a picnic on the actual day, so we're trying to do that as well, and hoping that the weather holds out because we made reservations for birthday dinner for Sunday and now my sister's telling me that Sunday is supposed to be the rain date in case the picnic's rained out. Ugh.

Enjoy your actual birthday, may it be filled with even more good stuff. :)

The Fab Furs said...

Such appropriate presents! Perhaps Hef is using the ottoman to practice his birthday bunny dance for you: hip, hop, in the ottoman I pop; hip, hop, out I bop: Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Oh, Happy Birthday!!! How sweet of Shell to send you such a PERFECT gift! And SO glad Heffy is feeling better!

The human said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fab day.

And can I say to Hef, that shocking pink really is a great colour on him!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hef and pink are perfect - nothing sedate about that boy!

I missed the Hef tummy issue and am glad to hear he is coming back well.

Happy Birthday.

bunnits said...
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bunnits said...

Happy Birthday, Hef's Mom! Have a great day. Cool gifts, especially the knife. That's my favorite brand.

Our son' BD is Monday, so he'll be 20 on the 20th. Our 40th anniversary is today! Whee!!

Hef is so cute in that pink ottoman. He looks great. Just a cutie pie.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Such wonderful gifts!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Friend of the Animals said...
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Friend of the Animals said...

Happy Birthday. I love celebrating a few days early to make it last. Looks like you already got lots of great stuff. Have a great day!

Michelle May said...

Ooo what a great gift for Hef's room! Love the knife too!
Glad you liked your little surprise from us here in Bunnyville. You are extra special to us.
xx, shell, sugie and harrington