Friday, September 24, 2010

Classic Bunny Lounge day 5

Our 5th and final day of classic bunny lounge for now! Hef's dad comes home tonight! Today's pictures are actually new to the blog and are about a week old, I forgot all about them!
America's Test Kitchen Chili! I like mine topped with sour cream and cheese, Hef's dad likes his hot hot hot!

 These apples are from our tree in the backyard! Tonight they become a pie!
 And this is Hef! You know him don't you? He was jailed due to "Excessive Shedding" but he's been done shedding for about three days now. Keep Hef's dad in your thoughts tonight he's flying home, due to land at 11:45pm !


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Poor Hef! It's not his fault.... Imagine if you will... 7 BUNNIES, all shedding. In your house. My vacuum is working serious OT.

The Fab Furs said...

Chili and apple pie sound like just the thing to feed the protesters that will be lined up from your house all the way to the airport chanting "Free Hef" and waving "Free the Bun" placards.

Jade said...

Poor Hef! Shedding is no fun; Mickey sheds enough fur for 5 rabbits year-round--he's been relatively clean lately, but I know it's going to start up again any day now.

We'll be thinking good thoughts for a safe flight home for Hef's dad.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hold the sour cream. Free the bunn. Yipee for home-made, home-grown apple pie. Snuggle fondly!

(I'm having left overs ...)

bunnits said...

Yum! Chili. Apple pie. I'm hungry.

Poor Hef can't help all that hair flying around and sticking all over the furniture. Seems like at least one of mine is always shedding.

The human said...

hef will have his revenge...

Michelle May said...

Oh how I do love apple pie! Yummy!
Happy thoughts for Hef's Dad's safe return. As for Hef's little trick is to wet my hands, pat the bunny, wipe hair on jeans, get vacuum and vacuum hair off jeans, throw jeans in laundry. Repeat for as long as needed. Hair is better on jeans than in bunny belly.
xx, shell

Lisa said...

My mom makes chili almost every sunday throughout football season. She makes two pots, one hot, one mild (for my sister), and people come from miles around and rave about it. She tried to make veg chili for me once, too, but i wasn't crazy about it.

Oh my goodness, apple tree in the backyard? I'm drooling.

Shedding is no fun. Poor Sogna sheds almost constantly but then it gets crazy bad for months on end.

RoadBunner said...

Those apples look wonderful!

"Jailed for excessive shedding." ha ha!

Safe travels to Hef's Dad!