Friday, September 25, 2009

Enchanted by

Yes I was taken in and enchanted by after recieving a gift card for the site. I spent about 5 hours yesterday looking at rabbit things and dog things and clothes hunting for amazon deals. I finally gave up and tore myself back to the real world after ordering a coat at the bargain price of $9.99, leaving the rest of the gift card for later. Then this morning I was disillusioned when in my inbox what greeted me was that my coat was sold out and would not be coming! ACK! DARN DARN DARN!
In other news Shadow the Dog has been keeping a weather eye on The Bunny Lounge's outdoor guests and nature.This frog was found at the begining of a walk by Hef's dad and he was still there when we came back so he got a guest spot on the blog today for his froggie detirmenation. He is probably the first amphibian on the Bunny Lounge. I like how he looks like a muscleman, it reminds me of Hef's dad showing off his "guns".This little baby tomato ripened all by itself on the vine and didn't rot or get bit up by bugs before I could pick it. Well done tomato, now we shall eat you.And this is one of my roses that were supposed to be white with pink trim, my favorite roses, but as you can see are bright pink instead. Oh well. It's very pretty anyway and probably the last of our season. I am quite impressed with it since it was only $4.50 and came in a plastic bag.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture we have been meaning to take

Hef's dad gets annoyed seeing my camera sitting around the house all the time so it gets stuck upstairs and I put off taking pictures. Then I put off uploading them on here because of slow internet, well they are:
Putting the Bunny and Lounge in The Bunny Lounge

Is this how the hay tray works?OOOO I AM THE BUNNY OF EASTER PAST OOOOOO

You guessed it, he's the king of hearts!

This is our new antique whiskey set. I love it, Hef's dad hates it and Hef isn't allowed near it until he stops shedding.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Mama Had a Birthday!

Hef says: My Mama had a birthday yesterday! She is now 24, Boogie said that was anshient but I dunno. Mama didn't take any pictures of the fun last night! We of course had a bottle of Mama's favorite Champagne, Spumante. I like the apple smell and so does Mama. Mama had asked daddy (for the 4 billionth time) to get carrots for her birthday. (Oh Mama says its carats, but I disagree). Instead Daddy made the big mistake of giving her two stinky green papers that I am not allowed to eat. However his card was really cool. He did that on Thursday because Mama was maaybe going to have to work on Friday night but she didn't. So Daddy came home with Roses and Chocolates. Mama said I can have some rose petals. YUM!
My Grandma gave Mama Dance Pads and a Dancing Game. It is very funny, Mama gets out this pad and does hops all over it to the music. I am going to try it too. Oh yeah and Grandma made Mama a pink cake. Mama loves pink in case you can't tell. Since Mama didn't take any pictures, here is a nice picture of me and Mama. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hit me!


Hef and I have been teaching his Dad card games, Uno, Blackjack, and Texas Hold 'Em. So Hef saddled up to the table and showed his bun skills. It's been a bit of fun. It's nice to have more to do then just stare at the tv together.


Of course we don't have any poker chips so its hard to bet and such.

Yesterday I was at the evil place of employment and fattening food. I had forgotten my granola bar for lunch so I had to get the fattening food. Not feeling great after that. Blech.

In other news tomorrow is my birthday. YAY!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey! Let's give Mom a heart attack!

Yesterday morning I was preparing breakfeast for Hef's Dad and I let Shadow the Dog out for a morning break. After packing Hef's dad's lunch I went to the back door to let Shadow the Dog in. However she was not there waiting. So I called her and walked on the deck and looked around. No Shadow the Dog. Not too concerned I went in put on shoes and grabbed a leash. I walked to the back of the yard calling for Shadow the Dog and listening for the jingle of her collar. Nothing. I run back inside, inform Hef's Dad of our missing furry kid. We both go out front, no Shadow the dog. We here some dogs barking near the main road and off we set. I was very worried Shadow the Dog would get hit or get picked up by someone else. We trugged down the street and through our neighbors backyards soaking wet with dew and fresh mowed grass. Finely we spotted her in front of houses on one of the busy streets. Of course we started yelling and fortunately she did come running and I was able to clip on her leash. We all came home, fortunately safe and sound.

In other great news, I had chopped banana peppers for Hef's Dad's lunch and got the I guess what would be pepper juices on my hands and unknowingly touched my eye. AHH! THE BURNING! Next time I'm wearing a hazmat suit.

Does everyone like our new look?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


IT'S SHADOW THE DOG'S BIRTHDAY! She is 5, according to the dates the spca gave us! I'm Queen for the day! (Tomorrow Hef returns to being king)
Below is my SCORE! items. I purchased these two rabbits because their flowers reminded me of this vase which was at my Grandma's. On Monday it became my vase! SCORE! Look at them sitting there all matching. Life is good.
To clarify about yesterday, I, Hef's mom stunk of fries and fry grease because thats all I did all day was make and serve fries. People need to stop wanting fries with that.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ugh! Work!

Ugh, I smell like fries, make the smell go away. I don't think rabbits like french fried potatoes.

Nope Hef didn't like it, he's gunna go...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day?

Hef says: These humans are weird! A day to celebrate working hard? Would not happen in the bun world! Well I hope they enjoy it anyhow because I do love my human parents. I overheard them say shopping, maybe it was hopping? That could be fun! I bet they are going to buy me a lot of presents. I'll make them a nice cocktail when they come home.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Vibes!

Hef says: Yes! My mom got the job and I look ridiculous. There is a reason bunnies don't have pigtails. Everybunny must have sent really powerful vibes because Mommy was hired in a matter of minutes. I better go start making a list of the treats I want.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Bunvibes wanted (Don't worry nobunny's sick)

Hef says: My mommy has an interview at a Wendy's today. Not a dream job but Mommy hasn't worked in over a year! So please send good bun vibes that she gets it and its nice so she can buy more bun treats!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Haha Dad's at work!

Yup Dad went back to work on Monday Bunday. We didn't do much on our vacation. We did a lot of ZZZ and battled with the hornets taking our apples. Those are for the buffet! Also did anyone see Annie's commented on our blog! Wow! Now we really love our bunny grahams. They should make crackers that people and buns could eat.
We have been doing "spring cleaning" so we haven't had much fun to write about. However September is a big month at The Bunny Lounge. September 6th is Hef's adoption day! September 9th is Shadow the Dog's birthday according to the SPCA and the 18th---- That's MY BIRTHDAY! A Busy month for us!