Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey! Let's give Mom a heart attack!

Yesterday morning I was preparing breakfeast for Hef's Dad and I let Shadow the Dog out for a morning break. After packing Hef's dad's lunch I went to the back door to let Shadow the Dog in. However she was not there waiting. So I called her and walked on the deck and looked around. No Shadow the Dog. Not too concerned I went in put on shoes and grabbed a leash. I walked to the back of the yard calling for Shadow the Dog and listening for the jingle of her collar. Nothing. I run back inside, inform Hef's Dad of our missing furry kid. We both go out front, no Shadow the dog. We here some dogs barking near the main road and off we set. I was very worried Shadow the Dog would get hit or get picked up by someone else. We trugged down the street and through our neighbors backyards soaking wet with dew and fresh mowed grass. Finely we spotted her in front of houses on one of the busy streets. Of course we started yelling and fortunately she did come running and I was able to clip on her leash. We all came home, fortunately safe and sound.

In other great news, I had chopped banana peppers for Hef's Dad's lunch and got the I guess what would be pepper juices on my hands and unknowingly touched my eye. AHH! THE BURNING! Next time I'm wearing a hazmat suit.

Does everyone like our new look?


Michelle (Shell) May said...

OMG! Thank goodness you found Shadow the Dog. I was so worried reading this. Naughty doggie!
Ouch!!! Pepper juice in eyes is not a good thing!
Love the new look. :)
bunny hugs,

The Bunns said...


Hi Hef .. like the look ...

Fez and the Gang said...

Shadow a pretty doggy... next time hold out for treats though before you go back! That's what the bunnies would do...

FrecklesandDeb said...

Glad you were able to find Shadow! Sorry about the eye. Those peppers can be dangerous.

Great new style!