Saturday, November 5, 2011

Its about time we blogged huh?

Yes, yes, shame on us for not blogging in so long! Things have been tough here. Rarely a day goes by that I do not get choked up about our sweet Bandit. Also we had to find miss Elvira a new home, Hef's dad really is very allergic to cats!
"He's allergic to me too but he can just suck it up, as far as mama's concerned!"
 We found a great home for Elvira, she is going to be a classroom cat, pretty neat! I really want to get another german shepherd but Hef's dad keeps saying no! He did buy me this sweet stuffed shepherd one day.

Other then that not much is happening, I am working part-time at Avenue, which is a plus-size clothing store and it is nice. Its a lot less stressful then Wendys! We'll try to keep in touch more!


Jade said...

Yay for Bunny Lounge blogging! My supply of Hef-finess was getting very low. :)

LOS said...

It's me BL ... So glad you're back! Hef and Shadow Dog are enough for now. Hef has grown; he looks more mature to me.

I imagine you must intimidate the hell out of the plus sized women. I still think you belong in a Julia Child sort-of restaurant working in the kitchen creating beautiful, delightful dishes.

But ... what do I know? I made a wonderful new recipe tonight, then screwed it up by adding a second pkg of tortellini. I'm going to write it up and send it out anyway. It has butternut squash in it, which is apparently very good for you. I ate some raw, and it was delicious!

Earthquake in Texas SixBunnies said. I don't think god likes Perry :)

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about Elvira :( Sounds like you have your hands full these days. Avenue sounds like good stuff! Hope you are all well.

Michelle May said...

Sure have missed you sweets. Shadow and Hef and are sweeties, good with each other and good for you. Sometimes it's better not to upset the apple cart. (David tells me this every time I want another bunny!) But, I think he's right.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Dog and bunny - that's enough for now. Hef rocks.