Monday, November 28, 2011

Never leave a human to do a bunny's job

"Alright let me just get up here,"
Hi Everybun, it's me, Hef! Lazy ole Mama- err, I mean Busy Mama hasn't blogged in a little while so I'm taking it into my own paws. I wanted to update everyone about Little Bandit. Here she is following my rules of viewing
But I still gave her the bunny butt o' snub!
 I have to admit Little Bandit is smart. Mama is doing a good job training her, I'll have to train her to do some things too! In order Little Bandit does Sit, Paw, Down and Leave it.


Carmen C. said...

Glad to see your taking matters into your own paws Hef;) Little Bandit is just adorable, makes me want another one:O

Jade said...

Thank goodness you stepped in, Hef--I was starting to get the lack-of-Hef jitters.

Don't be too hard on your mama, training a dog to behave properly is a very tough job. It looks like she's got the situation well in hand, though.

Mr. Mick commends you on your snubbing technique. He says dogs and humans need to be taught to give proper respect, and must be snubbed if they do not behave as they should. Keep up the good work!

bunnits said...

Good to see you are taking official command, Hef. Also good to see Little Bandit's progress. :D

The human said...

Wow Hef, terrific typing and photo uploading skills! What a talented bunny!

Lisa said...

She looks like a good puppy, and you are training her well, Hef :)