Friday, February 25, 2011

Dogs love Snow!

Dogs love snow, especially Shadow. I suspect there will be some husky when her DNA test comes in. The snow would be really nice if it wasn't windy. The wind makes our walks a little tough on the cheeks! The temperature is only 28 instead of 12 so it was somewhat enjoyable. After our walk I let the pups roam the backyard.
I love the snow flying action. Shadow loves to roll in the snow, I'm going to post a video of that soon.

Bandit thinks its fun to chase my boots moving under the snow and she loves to eat the cold snow. Maybe Bandit will make a bowl of Snow Cream.
 And Hef? Hef says "I'm flopped out in my cage, don't come any closer, I'm not going outside!" I think I'll snug up with Hef inside for a while. Stay warm everybody!


Carmen C. said...

Looks like fun times:) My shepherd likes to eat the snow too, or she takes her snoot and tunnels through it, LOL, Heffy has the right idea, stay in where it's warm;)

bunnits said...
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bunnits said...

What fun! Our Dixie and Bo had a great time in our snow. Poor little short Bo had little snowballs stuck to his fur during the first one when we got five and a half inches and he could hardly run in it. They were a pain to get out. I tried melting them off with the hair dryer, but he hated it and it didn't work very well. I finally stuck him in the warm bathroom and just let them melt off. He did better with the second snow that wasn't as deep. They really had some fun, though.

Rabbits' Guy said...

The dogs nose, but Hef KNOWS!

Snow creme - yes!

The human said...

I'm with Hef on this one! Stay inside and snuggle up! Hope you're all keeping warm!

RoadBunner said...

When I was up in Upstate NY for a winter I used to put vaseline on my cheeks when I went for runs. That helped with the wind burn a lot.

Looks like lots of fun!! I saw a video of a bunny who had a litter box of snow to play in. Maybe Hef would like that.