Friday, February 11, 2011

Cute or Weird or What?

So sometimes Bandit will walk up to Hef's cage and makes these weireed kinda piggish sounds that I don't understand. I caught her on camera grunting away. What do you guys think she is doing?


B L said...

I think she's scaring the stuffing out of Hef. But that's just my opinion as one who has never had a German Shepherd.

Rabbits' Guy said...


Lorna said...

Hef doesn't look too frightened as he seems happy to stay in that corner near her. He did present royal bunny but after getting wet doggy nose, but that's a bun's right.

I think it's a mixture "What is this?" and "I wanna play!" .. either way probably couldn't be very healthy for the Hefster

Lisa said...

Maddie makes the same noise. It's her quiet bark. If she's trying to tell you something, but knows that you don't want her to fully bark and she doesn't feel like she needs to. For instance, if she needs to go out or feels like she is being ignored. She does it when we won't let her get as close as she would like to the bunnies, too.

I think she probably wants Hef to come out and play. "I'm out, how come he can't come out too?" How is she with Hef? Does she chase him when they're out together?

Hef looks a little upset there at the end, when Bandit keeps following him around the cage. But he also seems to know that even if she's too close for comfort, she can't get him in his cage. Smart bun :)

bunnits said...

Bandit: Gimme dat ting!!

Hef: Idiot dog.

Our Bo and Dixie do the same thing, but not necessarily with sound effects. The rabbits just think they are silly.

Jade said...

That a noise of excitement and/or interest for sure; Bandit wants to get at Hef, but she can't. Whether her intentions for wanting to get at him are good or not, I don't know, but she's definitely wanting to interact closer with him.

As for Hef, he clearly wants nothing to do with her; he was a little nervous at first, but then once he realized she couldn't reach him, he relaxed a little and flashed her a Bunny Butt O'Snub to let her know he wasn't having any of it.

Michelle May said...

I agree with what Jade said. Those were my thoughts too.
xx, shell