Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bandit's Carrot

Ok, so I could not resist this! How adorable, a carrot toy for Bandit! And it was only two dollars, Hef's dad had a gift card to use up and so it only cost us 2 cents! Bandit loves it!

"Your sure its a fake carrot, right? Ok then, how about some real carrots for me?"


Jade said...

Mickey is shocked and appalled that a perfectly good carrot toy is being wasted on a dog. He says that Hef should have gotten first refusal on it--and since he didn't, Hef should be compensated with a real carrot of equal size.

Michelle May said...

I can't comment. I'm still laughing at Jade. She is a riot!
xx, shell

KevinJimeno said...

Bandit just leave the carrot that's not like a good dogie ..

Lisa said...

How cute! Maybe she is just a big bunny? Actually I heard doggies like real carrots too.