Monday, May 17, 2010


Hi everybun! We have been busy buns working all week and letting our camera batteries die. We missed some good photo ops but we have more in store. Right now I just wanted to remind everybun that on June 6th I will be walking for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Some of you expressed interest in donating. You can do so here, or you can email me at for other options. I don't know if I mentioned why we are involved or not, so here is a reminder. A coworker of mine, whom I actually like, has type 1 diabetes, and she invited me along. So please help out if you can, thanks everybun!
"Hey Shadow, do you have human money?" "No." "Me neither, I guess thats why we are asking everybun else," Uh yeah, thats not it Hef, better go talk to those two!


Lisa said...

Ahh ok I will hop over tonight and make a (small) contribution. Every bit helps, right?

What a great pic of Hef and Shadow. You should frame it and hang it on your wall! I especially love the vacuum in the background. Trademark of a pet household!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yup - the vacuum is plugged in and ready to go at all times, but the camera is dead. Sounds like our place too. We'll hop right to it too. How many hundred miles you gonna walk anyway???

Michelle May said...

I can't believe Shadow just lays there with a bun in her face. Amazing. How many miles are you gonna walk?