Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black Beauties!

Something very special happened yesterday. Hef's dad asked me to wash his car! Hef's dad is a car guy, loves his car, and worries about scratches and dents. His car washing has always been a big deal, very precise. Yesterday he came home and asked me to wash it for him. I feel very trusted and honored. Unfortunately for the Shadow the dog she ended up getting a bath too. Shadow is a weird dog who hates water. She shakes and whimpers while getting her bath, but she does like the towel rub down. Hef likes publishing embrassing photos of Shadow and knows he's not getting a bath.


Lisa said...

Congratulations :) When a man allows you to wash his car, that's when you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he loves you for real.

Awww. Poor Shadow. I'm sure he was a good boy through his bath, though. He seems like he would be.

Rabbits' Guy said...

ALLOWS you to wash the car? Guess how many times BL has washed my car (other than driving it through the car wash joint)

Lisa said...

Here's Annette's Etsy shop. She's in Scotland, but the shipping actually wasn't any more costly than FedEx.

And here's her blog, if you're interested:

Michelle May said...

I'd rather wash Shadow than the car. Thank goodness one of David's hobbies is car washing as I hate it. He wanted me to drive his 69 Camaro and I said, NO WAY! That car is his baby.