Saturday, August 29, 2009

We've been doin' cool stuff!

Ice cold frigid stuff at The Bunny Lounge. Get it while it lasts limited time only Bunny Sundaes! Featuring Annie's Bunny Grahams! Yup, we made our own ice cream in this neato little machine that Hef's Dad got as a reward for his hard business man work! It was pretty simple. Mix some stuff whirl it around pack it with ice. It is very tasty vanilla ice cream!

Is everyone familiar with Annie's? We happen to think they are the neatest out there in the food market. It's all organic or like 99% organic stuff. They make mac and cheese in a variety of flavors and some flavors have bunny shaped pasta. They make the shown above bunny grahams and bunny crackers (bunny shaped cheez-its) in a variety of flavors. The Bunny Grahams are cool because not only are they organic and bunny shaped they are a lot fewer calories then teddy grahams. Teddy grahams loses that battle big time, more calories, not bunny shaped? pass! They also make spaghetti-o like food called Bernie-O's also tottally bunny shaped. My favorite though is their cereal, very sweetly named Bunny Love! Adorable, go get some!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watch out!

We have it on good word that our very own Hef is soon going to make his 2nd! appearance on Disapproving Rabbits. I have to go make him a cool Gin & Tonic so he'll stop disapproving.

P.S note to Hef: If you stop shedding I'll play with you more.

Friday, August 21, 2009

We're out of here!

Ok, apparently Hef doesn't know the difference between Staycation and Vacation. Hef's dad is on vacation officially at 5pm today. Sunday is our 5 year anniversary!! YAY! Hef's dad is off all next week so our blogging will be sparse but we'll keep up with everyone else and take a lot of pictures! For now we're hopping on out of here!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fair

Sunday we went to the Fair, which is not as nice as Houseful of Rabbits (Was that an invitation?) my batteries were dying in my camera but I got enough bunny shots! I tried to get pics that looked like all our blogger friends, can you find your rabbit?
This guy reminds me of Mario of Roadbunner.


Winston and Racer look out, this guy had a ribbon!

This one reminds me of a lot of buns we know.

I think this Flemish Giant kinda looks like Princess and I think RG is lucky Princess isn't as big!

The Lucky/Baxter flop out

Giant Chinchillas (I tell this to Hef's dad, and he says "Wait, those aren't rabbits?" ugh)

Hey Deb if Freckles wants a twin call this Deb! How weird!

It was really hot and these rabbits where outside so most of them were just floppin it.

Silver Martin

I love dutch bunnies and this one was like "OMG! It's Hef's parents, got any cool drinks?"

Another Baxter/Lucky impersonator

Baby buns!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What are those humans doing??

Hef says:

Today Mommy and Daddy are going out all afternoon and evening! Mommy said that they are going to see lots of bunnies that look like all my blog friends but aren't really you guys. She also said they wouldn't come home with her and they already have homes. What the heck? Mommy also said there would be a lot of food and she wasn't going to worry about calories. Oh and Mommy said Daddy has to win her a stuffed Bunny for my room. Where are Mommy and Daddy going does anyone know?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Night Done Right

We tried to do our friday night right. First we got a nice cool gin and tonic. (Hef says: Boring! Talk about the apples and does!)
Hef and his dad built a nice bonfire. (Hef says: Wasn't this in Bambi? I don't think this is saf- ooo apples...)

We still have a ton of apples, nothing more fun then picking up mushy apples on a friday night.(Hef says: Guess I'm the host tonight)

Sporting the latest in dollar store harnessware, Hef! (Hef says: Table for two right this way,)

Hef's dad wanted to put this stump in the fire but since he already had a fire going I suggested throwing a stump on it might have bad results (Hef says: King of the stump!)

Of course you want to look good on a friday night (Hef says: Where are those does????) Hef's dad can't take this stump it's still in the ground. (Hef says: Yup, I'm king of this stump too, don't ya know)

So did we do it right?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So just send the drink on down...

"YOU GOTTA COME UP TO THE BEDROOM RIGHT NOW!" So honestly this little bun on the drain pipe was really not what I was expecting when Hef's dad came home last night. I suspect this is a doe because she seems to have a baby. I was wondering how Hef was surviving his drinks and that is his corner of the house. Mystery solved!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That weatherman...

That weatherman sure is gunna get it! We had crazy weather all weekend! Thunderstorms that scared Shadow the dog, pouring rain that Hef's parents ran around in!

At other times it was hot and humid which ment my hair was fizzy and looked awful. During those good times we tired to pack a lot in. Hef's dad took Monday off for an extra fun packed weekend.

On Saturday we went to Garage Sales and scored some great rabbits. All these rabbits for 1.60!

These pretty white rabbits remind me of a vase my grandmother has that I have always admired. It has beautiful flowers just like the ones around these rabbits' necks.

On Sunday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned! Hef's cage was pristine! Uh, don't look in the closet know that old trick. ;)

All of Buntryside was cleaned because on Monday we had guests. One of my Aunts is allergic to Rabbits unfortunately, I've seen her react to other rabbits not pretty. They were fine on Eastere together but Hef seemed to have amped up his shedding so I didn't bring him around for very long. We also had my grandma, Hef's grandma(my mom), and my aunt & uncle all the way from Georgia.
Hef wanted to show off his custom toy because we couldn't remember if we did before! Its one of those hanging bells from birds. I bought that toy before I ever met Hef. His breeder said he loved the one in his bunma's cage. So I had one waiting for him and he rings it a lot! Then I got the chew blocks at Petco and was lucky enough to have a rabbit with a short name. Of course the other side doesn't make any sense. Oh well. Hef always turns the F around anyway. I hope he's not trying to swear a lot!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weatherman This thump is for you!

First they say sunny all weekend mid 80s on Sunday and Monday, then they change it to rain on Saturday. We could kinda except that but NOW they put all sorts of rain clouds all over my weekend! "But Ma, it was gunna be sunny and I was going to pick apples and suntan and have a cocktail on the deck by the pool and go hopping and maybe meet the backyard doe and and NO RAIN PLEASE!!!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drink the Hef!

So we mentioned that your Apple Buffet includes a Hef Cocktail. What's that? Its a good half glass of irish cream or godiva liquer whichever is your pleasure. Something creamy and Hef colored. Put in two delicious Pirouette Cookies and a cottontail dollop of whipped cream. It's the Hef! yum yum yum
Also last night we made Buffalo Chicken Wings (Grand Island Wings actually). Pretty easy stuff, we baked, (1 hour 425) instead of deepfried because well we don't have a deep fryer. Then just toss and sauce them up. Also yum, a little hot for me but very good. Sorry Hef's dad doesn't wear a shirt after he gets home from work, I think its a rule with him.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay, Mom's eating a Skinny Cow Fudgesicle (mmmmm yummy! says Hef's Mom) so I have to make the announcements! #1 announcement this is our new laptop, a Compaq Presario CQ60-417DX: We have to sit by the window and have the laptop up on the back of the sofa but its pretty comfy. The other day a chickadee flew up and sat outside on the window sill looking at my mom. Ok announcement #2 I am outside today to let all the bunnies out there know about our summer special ALL YOU CAN EAT APPLE BUFFET!

This here is our apple, your welcome to the sticks the leaves and the fruit, with a complimentary Hef Cocktail (more about that tomorrow), only $7.95, $5.95 for the kits. Thursday Night does drink free!

We know everybun loves apples. Our test rabbits have been devouring them:

So come on down to Hef's Bunny Lounge ALL YOU CAN EAT APPLE BUFFET TODAAAYYYY!

Hef's mom: Seriously anyone know what to do with a million small green sourer then sour apples? Please help us!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

That Bun!

Oh that Hef! Your comments cracked me up. Hef is off the hook because we have $322 of coupons on our paper today and I am too excited. We went to Whirlpool Park in Niagara Falls. Here is our picnic site Hef's dad is grilling and Shadow the Dog is attempting to greet everyone on the path and making sure they don't take our food. I had hot dogs and Hef's dad had a big NY Strip Steak. Yummy!
See its hard to tell, but this further down the river from Niagara Falls and its a whirlpool. I heard a guide saying that the whirlpools change direction twice a day. WOW!

This is a trolley that goes from canada to america back and forth over the whirlpools. Hef's Dad wants on!

There are also speedboat tours called the Whirlpool Jet tours and they drive right into this whirlpools and spin around and look like they will tip over. WHOA!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Party

Mom and Dad and Shadow the Dog all left me home alone! They went to a park! Jokes on them I do have a bunny lounge and bunny hookups! HA!