Sunday, August 2, 2009

That Bun!

Oh that Hef! Your comments cracked me up. Hef is off the hook because we have $322 of coupons on our paper today and I am too excited. We went to Whirlpool Park in Niagara Falls. Here is our picnic site Hef's dad is grilling and Shadow the Dog is attempting to greet everyone on the path and making sure they don't take our food. I had hot dogs and Hef's dad had a big NY Strip Steak. Yummy!
See its hard to tell, but this further down the river from Niagara Falls and its a whirlpool. I heard a guide saying that the whirlpools change direction twice a day. WOW!

This is a trolley that goes from canada to america back and forth over the whirlpools. Hef's Dad wants on!

There are also speedboat tours called the Whirlpool Jet tours and they drive right into this whirlpools and spin around and look like they will tip over. WHOA!


FrecklesandDeb said...

What fun! A bit scarey over that whirlpool we bet.

Kimberly said...

Cool trip! We would love to see pics of your new computer (with bunnies being tech savvy of course). Hehee

The Bunns said...

Not gettin' US in that boat ... nosireee .... don't you be agoin' neither now, Hef!