Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay, Mom's eating a Skinny Cow Fudgesicle (mmmmm yummy! says Hef's Mom) so I have to make the announcements! #1 announcement this is our new laptop, a Compaq Presario CQ60-417DX: We have to sit by the window and have the laptop up on the back of the sofa but its pretty comfy. The other day a chickadee flew up and sat outside on the window sill looking at my mom. Ok announcement #2 I am outside today to let all the bunnies out there know about our summer special ALL YOU CAN EAT APPLE BUFFET!

This here is our apple, your welcome to the sticks the leaves and the fruit, with a complimentary Hef Cocktail (more about that tomorrow), only $7.95, $5.95 for the kits. Thursday Night does drink free!

We know everybun loves apples. Our test rabbits have been devouring them:

So come on down to Hef's Bunny Lounge ALL YOU CAN EAT APPLE BUFFET TODAAAYYYY!

Hef's mom: Seriously anyone know what to do with a million small green sourer then sour apples? Please help us!


bunnygirl said...

I love the pics. You weren't worried about Hef falling into the pool?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I dunno.. leave them there and hope the test bunnies will eat them all up?

Hef's Mom said...

Bunnygirl, if you look at the second pic (which I actually took first) Hef is making sure he doesn't fall in!

The Bunns said...

Hef is in Bunny heaven ... we'll be over for Happy Month at the Bunny Lounge! Thanks for the nice electronic announcement on the new sleek laptop!

The apples .... duh ... no clue ... we're bunnies.

FrecklesandDeb said...

YEA! A new computer! What fun! And lots and lots of apples! But kinda sour, huh? Don't know what to do with sour ones.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hmmm... what to do with sour apples... Not sure, but think I'll have a Hef cocktail and think about it. Man does that drink look so yummy!
Congrat's on the new computer!
bunny hugs,