Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That weatherman...

That weatherman sure is gunna get it! We had crazy weather all weekend! Thunderstorms that scared Shadow the dog, pouring rain that Hef's parents ran around in!

At other times it was hot and humid which ment my hair was fizzy and looked awful. During those good times we tired to pack a lot in. Hef's dad took Monday off for an extra fun packed weekend.

On Saturday we went to Garage Sales and scored some great rabbits. All these rabbits for 1.60!

These pretty white rabbits remind me of a vase my grandmother has that I have always admired. It has beautiful flowers just like the ones around these rabbits' necks.

On Sunday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned! Hef's cage was pristine! Uh, don't look in the closet though...you know that old trick. ;)

All of Buntryside was cleaned because on Monday we had guests. One of my Aunts is allergic to Rabbits unfortunately, I've seen her react to other rabbits not pretty. They were fine on Eastere together but Hef seemed to have amped up his shedding so I didn't bring him around for very long. We also had my grandma, Hef's grandma(my mom), and my aunt & uncle all the way from Georgia.
Hef wanted to show off his custom toy because we couldn't remember if we did before! Its one of those hanging bells from birds. I bought that toy before I ever met Hef. His breeder said he loved the one in his bunma's cage. So I had one waiting for him and he rings it a lot! Then I got the chew blocks at Petco and was lucky enough to have a rabbit with a short name. Of course the other side doesn't make any sense. Oh well. Hef always turns the F around anyway. I hope he's not trying to swear a lot!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Guess we'll not get one for Savannah!

Hef, you got a good life!!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Great score on all the rabbit finds! Hef's toy is perfect!