Sunday, August 16, 2009

What are those humans doing??

Hef says:

Today Mommy and Daddy are going out all afternoon and evening! Mommy said that they are going to see lots of bunnies that look like all my blog friends but aren't really you guys. She also said they wouldn't come home with her and they already have homes. What the heck? Mommy also said there would be a lot of food and she wasn't going to worry about calories. Oh and Mommy said Daddy has to win her a stuffed Bunny for my room. Where are Mommy and Daddy going does anyone know?

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The Bunns said...

Whaaaa???????? They're coming to the House of Rabbits?

Oh Gracious ... Clean up, Clean up - everybunny Clean up!

Cook Cook Cook BL ....

Smiles ... er Frowns everybody!

If Audrey was still here they could win her!