Thursday, December 31, 2009


p.s blogger says that i posted this at 4:30 but its really 7:30 I am not that much of a lush.


Lorna said...

"You is going to share, RIGHT?"
"Oh, I can have the whole thing? Woohoo!"

You're a good bunny mom.. I'm sure it's cranberry wine.. ;)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well Hef ... Happy New Year. We'll try not to bother you again until .. oh, about 3:30 tomorrow afternoon!

bunnygirl said...

Wow, Hef, that must be some party at your place tonight. Hoppy New Year!

Sam said...

Happy New Year

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Happy New Year! Wish I could be there to have a glass or 6 with you! hee,hee,hee!
zen in 10,

RoadBunner said...

Happy New Year!

Hef is such a good sport about taking/posing for photos! What a ham.