Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 days ornaments got it?

Its a glass pear. Got ut? Moving on. I have finally been hit with the holiday stress. As you might recall on Christmas we are having our first real cocktail party here at the bunny lounge. It was all set, 8pm ready to go. Then today we get the phone call. "Could you start the party at 5pm?" NO! Apparently about 4 people are going to be by our house around 5pm and don't want to bother driving around. Now not a problem except that at 4pm I have to be at my familys christmas dinner. So it is a problem, a big one. Firstoff how rude is it to ask less then a week before the party that the party be 3 hours earlier? VERY! Second Hef's dad then suggests that he leave me at my grandmothers and he comes home and starts the party! Isn't that a nice christmas? NO! After much arguing now my 8pm cocktail party has been moved against my will to 6pm and I shall very little time with my own family so I can throw a cocktail party for Hef's dad's family. To quote Rabbit's guy "Whippity Doo"

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Hey! Wait a minute ... how did I get roped into this? Good grief, I got enough Holiday stress as it is .. BL's first husband is coming and also 2 teenagers and a drama-queen and probably a couple homeless people she finds on the street. Maybe a local farmer. Who knows when or for how long.

I suggest about 2 fingers of that Mr. Daniels in a coke about 2:00pm and then just smile and go with the flow!