Thursday, January 13, 2011

The thing about chili

My dad emailed me about how he made Guy Fieri's chili. He says he doesn't cook much but wanted to try his recipe. It is not pictured below, that is my chili that I made a while ago. The thing is I got thinking about chili. Hef's dad likes to make chili, and my brother made it for christmas. Somehow chili has become one of those things every guy makes. If I make chili Hef's dad takes over. Personally I don't mind any break from cooking. It seems like chili is one of those things that guys will cook. Chili is manly! Somehow a bowl of meaty hot tomato soup has made its way up there with grilling and BBQing. My brother made his chili meat and tomatos and celery. I like mine with kidney beans as well. I have to at least have sour cream in my chili bowl to cut the heat since I am a wimp about the spices. While I started blogging this the Today Show advertised a chili recipe contest. How funny, and no, I won't be entering!


Michelle May said...

I love chili..veggie chili with lots of kick and sour cream to take the edge off. Mmmmmm. might make some tomorrow. David won't eat it...something about beans and farts...hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell

Rabbits' Guy said...

Now what is it with New Yorkers?

The way I see it, if a woman can make a really good pot of chili, why the heck would the guy come along and try to one-up her? Stick to Brats!

(BL made me say this.)

k9 said...

chili always makes me chill... loved this scrumptious platter.
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