Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just hanging out

Not much is going on at the bunny lounge. We've been taking it easy after the holidays. We took the stockings down and the tree is at the curb but some decorations linger. I haven't been working much so I haven't been sitting at work on the computer so I haven't blogged as much. Hef's dad went back to  work on the 3rd and it has been crazy busy for him! I haven't even been cooking anything fancy lately. The dogs are happy they are getting a lot of exercise.
"Huh? I wasn't asleep!"

"Go away! I'm sleeping!"
 I love the way Shadow sleeps all curled up like a wolf in the artic. Bandit sleeps all stretched out taking up half the floor.
"Can anybody get some peace Mom?"


Jade said...

Sorry, Hef, but your cute is just too impossible to resist. :)

I'm with Shadow, moar sleep plz. :)

Lisa said...

Bandit looks very disapproving of your waking her up :-/

Hef looks too cute all bundled up in bed. "Just relaxing" is my favorite. :)

The Fab Furs said...

Looks like the furs enjoy taking it easy.

Michelle May said...

Hef you are such a snuggle bunny!
I sleep like Shadow and David sleeps like Bandit!
xx, shell

Rabbits' Guy said...

No rest for the uber cute, Heffy - that is for the doggys!

Kate said...

I we want a peaceful sleep I am sure bunny's also do... If I were you cute bunny go into your rabbit hutch and have the sleep that you want. Me also I cannot stop my self petting my bunny most of the time their fur is so addictive to touch.