Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Popping In

Here is Bandit's impression of me! I am so tired! Who could imagine sitting in a hospital chair is so exhausting! Of course I haven't been sleeping much at night either. Thank goodness I have my NookColor that Hef's dad gave me for christmas. It is my lifeline, since it has internet books and magazine it occupies a lot of my time.
 I managed to get a shot of the whole famiy about a week ago. See Hef's dad's leg and my legs? Hef is my lap and we even included the martini! Not one for over the mantel but it is what it is.


Jade said...

Hospitals are always exhausting, not only for patients but sometimes their visitors too. Hope your mom is feeling better and will be out of there soon.

Michelle May said...

Hi sweets.
I hope your mom is doing better. Been thinking of you.
xx, shell

Rabbits' Guy said...

Regarding the photo. Definitely The Family! It's one that will bring more pleasure longer than any posed one a phtographer took for over the fireplace!

Hospitals - yuk. All the best from the far Northwest.
And hunker down - I see another storm brewing.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry, it sounds like it's been a crummy couple of weeks. Hospitals suck. I really hope your mom is doing better, and recovers soon.

I think that picture is great! And what a good boy who sits in your lap so nicely!

The Fab Furs said...

Hospitals are nice to have but better to stay out of. Hope things are going well.

What is, is. And there's probably no way they'd sit that still for a stranger. It's a snapshot of real life.

Carmen C. said...

Hospitals are exhausting and hope your mom is doing better! Love the family pic and how Hef seems to be the center of it:D