Friday, January 7, 2011

For those of you who live in warm climates

I know for some of you snow is rare and driving in it even rarer. Be glad for that! Driving isn't something I do often, only when Hef's dad is on a business trip or if he doesn't want to go grocery shopping. Last night I had to pick up Hef's dad from a restaurant/bar because of a company dinner. When I let the dogs out before I left there was just a dusting of snow. In the time I went to get Hef's dad the rest of the snow you see here fell.
On our way back Hef's dad was making fun of me for going about 40 mph on the thruway. That is until the car in front of us fishtailed and was suddenly sideways. Thankfully, I was going SLOW and I was able to manuver around the car with out hitting it. Our car was skidding a bit too so I didn't have total control of the car. Hef's dad was telling me how to turn the wheel which helped me focus instead of just saying an expletive repeatedly. After that Hef's dad was on board with going about 25-30mph until we got home. We got home and the dogs were very happy to see us and the snow!
 On another note, this is my Grandma's house. I think its adorable. I'm posting this for the very popular (500 followers!) Shell May of The Raspbery Rabbits since she loves cottage houses. What do you think Shell? Isn't it cute? My Grandma has lived in this house since it was built in the 50's!


Michelle May said...

I loooooooooooove your grammy's house!!! It's precious!!! Thanks for posting the picture!!

As for the snow...ick, gag, puke, brrrrrrrr!!! You can keep it up there!

xx, shell

Jade said...

SO glad you guys made it home safe--I HATE driving in snowy weather, so I generally don't unless it's absolutely necessary. My family and friends here all know my motto:
If it's snowin', I ain't goin'.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Good work.

Years from now it will have been 3 feet deep and YOU did a 360, two actually, and then finally got home and shoveled the whole driveway in order to get into the house and let the dogs out because they had been cooped up for the 2 days it took to get the BF, who was in the hospital with severe kidney stones, and ....

Probably your grandma dug and carried all those rocks to build the house too, eh? (BS runs in your family)

Lisa said...

Hef's Dad is a lucky man. I NEVER drive in the snow! And I still have never driven in the city.

Grandma's house is SO CUTE!!!

I'm with Jade.