Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here he is!!

Here's Hef! I know everyone missed him at the 4th of July, but it was just too hot for him! And has continued to be in the mid 90s during the day! Which I miss out on because I am at stupid work like everyone else. Anyway here's Hef the almost birthday boy!
Here's his ears!
And the very popular bun butt! Enjoy!


Lisa said...

<3 Hef <3

Carmen C. said...

*squeal* Oh Hef, you have the cutest ears and bun-butt, you are just too, TOO handsome;)

Michelle May said...

Hi Hef man! You are just the sweetest bun! Happy soon to be birthday!
Smooches from auntie shell!

Jade said...

Yay for Hef pics! :)

Silver said...

ooo la la!
Bunny buns!
Where do I stuff the cash?