Monday, July 12, 2010

Already its gone!

Our weekend! Where did it go??? "It's not under here, Mama!"
We did a lot this weekend. Sunday was Hef's birthday and we partied! Hef thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. He assumes the craisins and treats are just held up in the mail....anyhow! On Saturday we went to the Taste of Buffalo, 2nd largest food festival in the country, Chicago has the biggest. Here is Hef's dad chowing down on a bourbon chicken sandwich from Chester's Cajun Grill. It was yummy but had a spicy aftertaste that lasted too long for my wimpy don't like hot tastebuds.
Hef's dad also tried out a Ford F 250. He really wants one! I want a VW Beetle. We're really in different directions.
Hef's dad also had chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce from Saigon Cafe. (Remember I made beef satay? Mine was better!! Hef's dad didn't like this at all. I tried it no flavor on the chicken itself)
Now this! I'm going to have to learn to make this. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie from Danny's! Delicious!
I also had an absolutely perfect for a 85 degree crowded day red wine slushie! yum yum yum!
Then on the way home we saw an Amtrak train along the highway. This train was moving and Hef's dad speed up along with it so I could take this cool picture. Can you believe how still an image it is when we are all moving around 70 mph?


Lisa said...

You're making me hungry, it all sounds so good!

Michelle May said...

Red wine slushee???? Uhhhh I want one!!
Looks like a fun day and I'm glad Hef man had a good birthday.

Jade said...

LOVE Hef in the Yankees hat!

I had to settle for photoshopping one on Mickey's head; he does not appreciate good headgear. ;)

B L said...

Hef is so adorable. I'd love to have the recipe for the pie if/when you get it. We can serve it at the party we're going to have here with all the bloggers and you and I cooking together.

The Bunns said...

Hef needs a cat.

He's cute - like Hef.

Silver said...

Ankles has an F150.
It is red.
She says you can hear the gas rushing into the engine while you drive.
She says diesel is better.
She says you should never get more truck than you need.
She says hers pulls a 2 thousand pound trailer with my 900 pound brother just fine.
She says make sure Hef's mom can get in and out with a dress.