Friday, July 2, 2010

Girls day out!

Shadow the Dog and I along with my mother went out for lunch yesterday. We went to a hot dog/hamburger type place along the niagara river. Shadow and I shared a cheesey hot dog and sweet potato fries.
Isn't it a pretty view? I think Shadow liked it.
We live on the american side of the niagara river and this house is across the river in canada, isn't that neat?


Lisa said...

Sounds like a nice afternoon! The view is beautiful.

B L said...

It's a very pretty place! And just the spot to set up your new restaurant, which would be small at first. "Welcome to Shadow's Reflection" to sustain your spirit ... or something like that. Shadow's reflection would naturally be Hef, wearing a tiny white chef's hat, madly chopping fragrant herbs in the kitchen.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm with BL on this. They will be swimming the river to get there - eh?

Michelle May said...

I think that is very cool that the house is in Canada. What a gorgeous view! Sounds like a beautiful girls day out.