Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild Hare Wednesday

I personally did not realize it was wild hare wednesday until I saw Shell's post. Its early and I think I am half asleep but I should wake up and be excited because this is a great hare! We did it over the New Years weekend. I woke up on December 28th and decided I could not live with my yellow kitchen anymore. I had said it enough and it had to be done. It took a day or two but I got Hef's dad on board! We luckly had a spare cabinet in the garage. We thought they had painted the cabinets over wood, thats how it looked. Off to the Home Depot, we purchased paint stripper and stain and sand paper. Hef's dad sanded the spare cabinet and came in from the garage. "It's not wood, its particle board," woo.... well Hef's dad tried it anyhow, it looked like a smoke stain from a fire. Back to the Depot! This in truth made the job size shrink considerably. We seleceted Rustoleum Painter's Touch in semi-glass black. Hef's dad took off all the cabinets.

Hef's dad set up this spiffy paint corner in our basement. See that yellow? Thats what the kitchen is like too! ICK! Hef's dad let me paint too this time, we had to do three coats according to our test door.
Poor Shadow the Dog was not allowed in the kitchen with her swishy tail and cluelessness about how big she really is. Shadow the Dog was saddened, but she liked our color choice.Ooooooo! I love it! Next this wallpaper needs to come down. Walls need to be painted white and on the other wall I need a black and white damask wallpaper. Hef's dad wants to change the countertop! Right on! I love my kitchen makeover so much I started a cooking blog, Cooking for Mr. Picky


Rabbits' Guy said...

Well doesn't that look nice?

In the Navy they say "If it moves, salute it, if it doesn't, paint it." In your house the first part must be "If it moves, fix it a drink and feed it!"

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Love it!!! Fantastic job! Such an improvement!