Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love Letter to Shadow

Oh my dog! Since this blog started about two years ago and Shadow wasn't part of the family yet she often is left out of this blog. Poor Shadow the Dog! However, she is adored and spoiled at the bunny lounge. Shadow's not the typical dog out there. She doesn't fetch or play with toys. She has one toy that she likes and will play with it when she very well feels like it thank you very much. Shadow does love rawhides in all shapes sizes and flavors, include to my surprise, vanilla rawhide. She is a treat and food girl and eats almost anything. She hates Tabasico sauce and likes Jack Daniels better then beer.
It doesn't take much to make Shadow happy, which I adore. Sometimes all it takes is talking to her and her tail starts spinning like a propeller. Shadow is always close by, always earning her Shadow name. I love her dog optimism, thinking someday she will have 40 walks and 10 car rides and unlimited treats. Just uttering certian words are the most exciting thing, no matter how many times that she doesn't "go for a walk" or "go outside" she still has this giddy hope at the sound of the words. Shadows a cuddler when you want, just watching when you need it and sometimes so surprising, like running halfway up the street instead of just going potty on the front lawn.
The most amazing thing about Shadow and I assume most dogs, is this hope and joy that everyone might be a friend, even the dog who tries to bite her throat and this nasty send her mom running down the street garter snakes.


The Bunns said...

Dogs sure don't kniow much about sitting quietly and plotting the human's doom, like a bunny!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Shadow is such a sweetie. Of course dogs will never be as smart as bunnies, but they do love just as much. So precious.