Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Laughing Rabbits Going to Get It

Oh yeah, Hef is laughing away! Hef's mom here has unhappily put on 7lbs. It doesn't sound like a big deal I'm sure. However I want to curtail it before it goes higher like the 28 lb gain of years past and my skinny pants don't fit. ARG!
On Sunday we made Mint Juleps and used too much mint at first. This is why it looks like swamp water, which Hef's Dad thought was a hilarious observation. Also we didn't have bourbon, so we used the MASSIVE Jack Daniels. So its more of a Swamp Julep but it was tasty. We both really liked it.
Also on Sunday I boiled artichokes and made hollandaise. YUM! (Hef says: This is why your fat, Mom!) I had the desire to make artichokes, I don't know why. I had never ate this dish before. I've never had a plain artichoke or hollaindaise sauce. Based on a liking of Asiago Artichoke dip I went for it. I am quickly falling in love with Wegmans over Tops for my specialty cooking, herbs, salt pork, artichokes, things like that. They have little perfect sized bundles of herbs for 1.29, which brings us back to the juleps....
Hef & I have to go eat a salad now.


Michelle (Shell) May said...

I'll be up for some artichokes! Yum! No salt pork though, ick, gag, puke. Now on the other hand, one of those julips would be very fun! ;)

The Bunns said...

Keep on 'em Hef. A bunn knows proper, healthy nutrition. (Watch the booze, just ask Benji about that!)