Monday, January 25, 2010

They came and they were delicious!

PLEASE NOTE: Hef''s Dad and I were standing right there next to Hef and the lobsters were rubber-banded so don't turn me into the SPCA, Bunns I'm looking at you guys!
This guy was pretty lively and it made me kinda sad. He kept going all "BLAHHHH!" and stretching out. Right before we were throwing them in the pot, I felt very sad and almost didn't do it. I used the recipe for steaming in wine in MtAoFC btw. All my guilt was washed away when I took one sweet delicious bite. We also made clarified butter and Hef's dad the raging carnivore even ate a Porterhouse steak afterwards. Also we had extra dry chapmagne.

And of course Hef was aptly rewarded with a big hunk of field mix, his favorite lettuce blend. I also bought really big carrots with big carrot tops but I didn't give those to him yet. Tommorrow I will.


bunnygirl said...

Wow, Hef, you were very brave facing down that lobster!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hef, I'll be joining you at the dining room table. However, I do hope your dad enjoyed his special treat that your mom cooked for matter how much said creature was boiled alive and tried to escape, clawing it's way out... I digress.... I use to enjoy dead boiled creature too... However, now... pass the greens Hef man! hee,hee,hee.
ok... weirdo thing... my word verification is "critie" like critter????

The Bunns said...

Whew - Hef!

When BL boils the dungeness crabs she says she does not make eye contact and then it is OK.

Ever see the old Diane Keaton, Woody Allen movie with the lobster . .. ?

Feast sounds great ...

No idea what the recipe initials are!

Hee Hee .. verifier word is lunched!