Monday, April 18, 2011

Here it is!

Here is the newest member of The Bunny Lounge family! Nope, not another dog, thats Shadow. Look past Shadow and meet Putt-Putt! Putt-Putt is a 2000 Chevy Cavalier, staying very spry with only 48,000 miles. Putt-Putt was orginally owned my very dearly missed Gram. Gram nicknamed her car Putt-Putt, saying it just putted along.
 Not too shabby huh? Our state recently changed its license plates and they are ugly!!! However I like the FGM, which obviously stands for "From Gram"
 I let Shadow and Bandit check it out too.

"Are you driving?" "I thought you were driving?!"

"I'll sit in the back then!"

"Ok, now let's go to Wendys!"


RoadBunner said...

FGM -- so so sweet :) Yay, for new wheels!! As a former NY state resident, I have to say that new plate is not as nice as the old one.

sorry4disappointingyou said...

Very nice! My trailblazer is named Lola, after the showgirl not the transvestie. lol

Carmen C. said...

Very nice, it looks alot like my son's last car, he put one of those wings on the back though and then it didn't look as good, Shadow and Bandit seem to approve;)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Congratulations on the car! The dogs look quite at home in it already!

I wanted to share that I just posted our Final Adventure on Freckles and Deb. Hope you'll stop by and leave a comment.

Rabbits' Guy said...

OK - we need a spoiler, some spinners, tinted glass, a sun-roof and a cherry-bomb muffler.

Oh - and paint it silver!

And a vanity plate - "hefsgrl"

Lisa said...

Congrats, Hef's Mom!!! So exciting. Shadow and Bandit really seem to love it!

The new license plates really are hideous. They've changed them at least 3 times since we were kids, what's up with that? I think the last ones were pretty.

Jade said...

Someone at the DMV was very smart to give you that plate (although clearly not smart enough to make it look better).

The puppies must know that they will get all kinds of treats at the drive-up now. When I was a bank teller, we kept Milk-Bone dog bones to give out to all the people who had dogs in their cars.

bunnits said...

I'm with RG on customizing, but make sure the pups and Hef get to have lots of input.

The photos of the pups in the car is a hoot. My Dixie likes to ride in the front passenger seat of the van whenever I take her anywhere. She sits on her butt and has a good time looking out the window.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Congratulations sweets. Many happy trails and adventures to you!
xx, shell