Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Busy bones, Mama? PLEASE?"
Uh no, not busy bones. Those pups sure love them! We haven't posted in a little while, and we have been busy! Business at work is picking up and I have been working more.
"Hurry, Hurry!"
In addition to work, the pups have been keping me busy with their dirty paws! 
"Tsk, just look at those prints on my nice floor!"
Most excitedingly, we have been doing some DMV paperwork to transfer my Gram's car into my name. The Bunny Lounge is going to be mobile again!


sorry4disappointingyou said...

Does that mean Hef has a ride to Matilda Buns house? She says he's welcome anytime, espcially for overnight visits naughty bunneh!

lisa said...

Oh your Germy's are beautiful and so is the bunny.. I have a german/husky mix...

Have a great day..Lisa

Carmen C. said...

Those precious faces asking for busy bones are too cute! Hef seems to be in a whirlwind of activity, LOL, and that's great news on the car;) Have a wonderful day!

Lisa said...

Everyone is so busy! Busy is good!

Congrats on the new car!!! It must be terrible to be without a form of mobility.

Lisa said...

Although, I think it must be a nice excuse for you and Hef's Dad to do things together ;)

Jade said...

Yay for mobility! If I didn't have a car, I would go out of my mind.

Looks like Hef's got an early case of spring fever with all that busy.

How can you look into those puppy faces and not give them bones? Too cute!

Rabbits' Guy said...

They let bunnies drive cars out here. They let a lot of things like that happen out here. We are quite near California.