Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Almost Christmas Quick Update

On Friday our dear friends, who babysat Shadow when we went to Boston, who keep me sane at work, and who we are very happy for, got married! It was right here on our little island at the yacht club. Hef's dad and I had a lot of fun and I am really glad they are married. I know they will be very happy together!
 In other belated news, we got a lovely present in the mail from everyone's favorite blog santa, Shell May of The Raspberry Rabbits! Which of course caused what Shell calls "The Happy Bunny Dance", and that was just from seeing her mailing label on the package!
 Shell is always so sweet to treat our pups and Hef as well!  Shadow and Bandit check out their goodies. One is chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, sounds good to me! Shell also sent some carrot chews for Hef, I tucked them into his stocking as an extra surprise on christmas.
 And for lil' ol' me? Shell sent these adorable S&P rabbits. They are really funny, when I stick them on the fridge they turn upside down! We had kinda sorta look like rabbit s&p grinders but they were really bad at grinding. These new rabbits are great! They will come in handy with all my christmas and future cooking!


The Fab Furs said...

Well that covers the Happy and the Hoppy part of the Holidays! Such great pictures and presents!

Jade said...

I love those S&P bunnies! I have ones like you described, although mine are prety good at grinding. I also have one of those "rabbit"-type corkscrews; between the corkscrew and the S&P grinders, dinner parties bring out a LOT of commentary about "crazy rabbit ladies".

Lisa said...

You and Hef's Dad look great for the wedding, glad you had fun!! Love your S&P rabbits, that Shell is something else, isn't she?

Michelle May said...

Girlfriend get out! You look totally hot in that dress! I'm tell'in ya, Hef's dad better put a ring on your finger soon or I'll send some Carolina boys up to steal you! hee,hee,hee. :)

Glad you liked your goodies. You are fun to give presents to.

Happy Christmas!
xx, shell

Rabbits' Guy said...

You are cleared for GO to Christmas!!!

aArriage is over rated - ouch - stop that BL - OUCH

bunnits said...

Hef's Mom--you look GREAT!

Hef's Dad--stop that procrastinating!! (oh, you look great, too)