Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretend Thanksgiving

As I said I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year. However let's pretend I am. I thought it would be fun to go through the food archives and give some ideas to those who are cooking this thursday, also RG said he wanted food and we like to please.

Isn't it always nice to put out a little something? Cheese & water crackers, fresh bread and dipping oil, and olives. Just to get ya started.
 Before we load up on heavy turkey and stuffing and such, how about a nice beet and goat cheese salad? I love these! I just buy the tube of goat cheese, plop it on.
 Ahh, the prize bird! ALWAYS ALWAYS brine your turkey in salt and such. You can buy a mix at the store or get a recipe on-line, Alton Brown has a nice video on youtube about it.
 If I wasn't doing traditional mashed potatos, I would do something like this. These are salt potatos, they come in a special bag with a huge packet of salt but you could easily replicate these at home. New potatoes with a butt load of salt boiled to doneness then toss with more salt and butter.
 Don't forget Julia! While there aren't turkey recipes, there are tons of sides, including these nice brussel sprouts, don't leave Julia out of the festivities!
 And dessert? Apple pie ala mode! Yum yum! I am actually bringing the pies to Thanksgiving dinner, but I have to work and such and I'm not much of a baker so I'm bringing frozen! Hef's dad would not let me get Vanilla Ice Cream to bring. I did get some whipping cream and will be making some homemade whip cream which I love, its one of my grandma's signature foods.
 After all that would you have room for a cocktail? I bet BL would! Bombay Saphirre, vermouth soaked olives and shake it! Hope everyone enjoyed my virtual dinner!


The Fab Furs said...

Virtual dinner means virtual calories, right? So we can have as much as we want without suffering the consequences? Looks great and virtually tastes the same!

Lisa said...

Everything looks fantastic! Why doesn't Hef's Dad like his pie a la mode?

Carmen C. said...

Oh my now you've made me hungry, LOL! That beet & goat cheese salad looks delicious!

divakitty said...

mmmMMMMMmmm pie

Rabbits' Guy said...

BL is ecstatic - and tipsy. I hate olives and goat cheese. But I loves me some Russel Sprouts and BL never makes them so the whole spread would suit me fine and the others as well! Thanks.

Oh gosh forgot. I made an apple pie the other day. Used the Pillsbury crusts that are rolled up in a box in the cooler section and BL gave me a great recipe and then said it was the BEST apple pie she ever had!!!

PS - you sure do take a lot of orders for an independant woman! No ice cream - hmpffff (BL made me say that.)

Michelle May said...

beet salad, yummy! brussel sprouts, yummy!
everything looks wonderful girlfriend!