Monday, November 29, 2010

Bandit and the Trainer

First let me say, as some of you have noticed, there has been a lack of Hef here lately. Frankly its because I do not want any terrible accident to happen. Two different people I know have had German Shepherds and rabbits and have a bad outcome so as it is I am keeping Bandit and Hef seperated. I strongly feel this is temporary. So we went to the trainer Saturday. Hef's dad and I were both very impressed and booked Bandit for three lessons. She will go the next three Saturdays at noon. Our trainer uses a combination of pinch collars, treats, and a remote collar. The remote collar does provide an electric shock. However the trainer allowed us to hold and feel the shocks, it is very mild. The collar has 125 levels of shock and it is like turning up a volume dial, it is very gradual. I felt it at a level 14, Hef's dad felt it around 40, and Bandit is being trained on level 25. Bandit will not just be working on her dog agression/fear of strangers, but obeidence as well. I am terribly excited! I think Bandit will be an amazing dog at the end of this. The trainer says that at the end we should have 100% reliablilty on and off leash, amazing!

 Shadow is hanging in there. She is so mellow she doesn't bother Bandit much and we have learned where the hot buttons are. They did get into a fight over who knows what on Friday night but again no one was hurt thank goodness, and very quickly they are back to normal. The way I can describe it is Bandit isn't 100% sure what to do with herself and what her position in the pack is so she acts out. I can not wait to start classes! And I'll try to get some Hef on here soon.

"Can I hold the remote, Ma?"


Jade said...

While I completely understand and support the reasons for Hef-less posts, I am starting to develop HWS (Hef Withdrawal Syndrome). Moar Hef, plz--and good luck with the puppy training! :)

The human said...

Oh dr dr... Think I have HWS too. symptoms include: obsessive checking of bunny lounge blog (at least twice daily), sighing, revisiting old Hef pics and sighing, oh and I dreamt about him last night!

Lisa said...

I really hope training goes well, and I hope it goes well enough that Hef and Bandit can be friends soon. Good luck Bandit!!!

Miss you, Hef. Snuggles!!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

HWS has made it to the Pac. NW.

Can't we at least have like a "Wednesday with Hef" time?

The Fab Furs said...

Separation sounds like a good idea at this point. How about a bunny cam set up so Hef can reunite with his fans? Good luck with the training!

Michelle May said...

Best of luck with the training. Ok..the picture of Shadow asking if she could hold the darn funny!!!!
Looking forward to seeing more of the Hef man. Of course, his safety comes first.
xx, shell

RoadBunner said...

Good luck with Bandit! And yes, more Hef!!

Erin said...

A dog trainer that tell you to use an electric shock collar??? I would run away and get your money back!