Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Need some advice from my favorite people

Did you read the title? Yes, my blog followers are some of my favorite people! BL of A Houseful of Rabbits was informed by D.Moll that next year is the year of the rabbit! WOO! Does everyone remember me mentioning Bunny Blogger Bash? It will be here at The Bunny Lounge July 9th or 16th in Buffalo NY (well  a Buffalo Subrub) in 2011, year of the rabbit! Just a reminder to start saving those travel funds!
Anyway, at the moment I am having a tough time at work. Hef's dad says not to put anything on facebook so I'm not but I removed the blog link from my facebook so I need to vent somewhere! For a while the coworkers have been divided. Which was fine with me, two of my coworkers are very nice and make me laugh, and most of my other coworkers were friendly. On Friday, the store manager and the coworkers I like had left, this left the Co-Manager who is supposed to be second in command and is store manager when store manager isn't there, me, and two other "Crew" memebers. I was making sandwiches, of course because I am a fabulous french chef, and the co-manager was taking care of drive thru customers. One customer asked her where the liquor store was and she didn't know so she asked me and I told her. To which she responded "Well of course Hef's mom would know where the liquor store is, she needs to be in AA" yeah well that's nice, huh? I didn't say anything, just kept working.
On Monday I told the store manager, so he talked to the co-manager and she puts a bunch of junk on her facebook, during her work shift btw, about how she will "say whatever she wants about whoever she wants whenever she wants and to shut you mouth you stupid little #$@!" well isn't that nice and tottally appropriate for a comanager? NOT! So I come into work this morning to tell the store manager and he says to me "Well she could be talking about anyone," and I said "thats a big coincidence" and the store manager just kinda laughed and walked away. WELL! I am just so offended right now and I don't know what to do. I like my store manager most of the time but he is just not taking this seriously! Hef's dad really wants me to keep this job right now, and I don't want to quit, but I am sick of a co-manager (who is like5 years younger then my btw) talking rudely to me, making inapprpriate remarks and generally being nasty or acting like I am not there. I really get the impression the store manager isn't going to do anything! What to do now, bunbloggers?

Sorry for the heavy stuff today, Here's a nice picture of me walking the pups. We got a coupling leash so they only need one leash to walk together. They are still working out the details of this.


The Fab Furs said...

1. Keep a log of all incidents: note who was present, time, what was said, (if possible copy online comments too). You may need this as evidence to present to the owner of the franchise as to working conditions or to a government entity. (Especially if the "inappropriate remarks" could be seen as harassment.)

2.Hard to do: but bite your tongue and don't stoop to their level. Just do your job and ignore them. If they prevent you from doing your job though, that's another story.

3. Actively look for another job, try to use other positions as references and not this one. Figure out other things you could do to build up a customer base for a business of your own: do local laws allow you to use a non-commercial kitchen for catering, are there people in the neighborhood that could use a pet-sitting service, can you talk a local bakery into taking you on as an apprentice, etc.

4. Remember that this too shall pass and don't let it consume your life.

Good luck! And interact with the animals when you get home from work to make you feel better! Not to mention Hef's dad!

bunnits said...

Good advice from the Fab Furs.

So sorry things have gotten to this state. Nothing worse than unhappy, uncomfortable working conditions.

Carmen C. said...

Don't worry your pretty head over it, I have had managers in the past who did nothing over the wrongs of other workers too, all you can do is not let it bother you and look forward to getting home to your fur babies at the end of the shift:)

bunnygirl said...

FF gave you some great advice, so I'll just add that most people (including you) who work at these kinds of places aren't there for the long haul. One or both of you will likely have found other work within a year, so try to be bigger than such nonsense. Document just in case, though. I wish I'd done that at some of the places I had worked.

And of course you know where the liquor store is. It probably has a sign out front, and unlike Obnoxious, you can read! ;)

Jade said...

Everything Fab Furs said, especially the documenting.

Unfortunately, unless your coworker specifically mentioned you or your place of employment in her FB post, she can't be punished for it. I'm surprised that your manager didn't at least say something about her "AA" comment, though--that was completely inappropriate for a workplace situation. If a customer heard the comment and was offended, that would not be good for business.

Here's hoping Little Miss CoManager will slip up and say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get sent on her merry way in the near future.

The human said...

I feel honoured to be amongst your favourites. Oh but the responsibility to bestow advice is humbling! So, first I agree with all the above. Second, I think u should consider making a complaint to the manager about the AA comment, especially as customers were present. You shouldn't have to put up with this tho and if resigning is an option, or at least looking for other positions is... Well consider it: I agree with Hef's dad there. Finding people to rant at so u can let out the anger is good: and we're always here! In the meantome, Turn the other cheek, rise above it, and maybe slip some flem ino her drinks?! ;) hee hee

Lisa said...

coupling leashes are cool.

Good advise from TFF. I would modify it by suggesting that if your store isn't an independently owned franchise, most big corporate stores like that will have some kind of a HR employee hotline kind of thing in place. If that's the case, I would make a call now AND write it down as well. Everyone else is right, that is a completely inappropriate comment to make. It was meant as an insult which is and should be offensive to anyone with any kind of experience with addiction. If there is some kind of hotline, I would also give them the facebook post, along with the time frame of how things acted out. It's good context if there are future incidents with you or with anyone else.

I think #3 on TFF's list is huge. The recession is still going strong, I wouldn't quit a job without having the next one lined up. :( I'm sorry to say, but look for whatever you can get.

Meanwhile, kill with kindness. at least in the immediate future, bosses are always right and are always entitled to be douchebags. All fighting back will do is start a war, and if this person is in a management position it's probably not a good idea to do that. Swallow your pride the best you can, at least until you can either go to someone over her head or get another job. It sucks big time but that's the best advice I could give.

B L said...

Some great advice here; very thoughful advice from experienced people. And good for you, Hef's Mom, for venting here where you are safe and cared about, rather than F/B which is so public.

TFF set out all the points so well, so I echo what Lisa said in her last paragraph.

Just remember: You are better than that place or anyone there; perhaps "this event" can be viewed as an opportunity to take action. In a smart way.

As in: get a car, find a better job, move closer to living the life you were meant to live. And I can assure you, that life does not have Wendy's anywhere in the picture.

I did like the idea of slipping something into their drinks, however. Although that's just because BL takes no prisioners.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Listen here ditzy. Who are you to challenge a manager. What part of organization chart can't you read? Huh? Wendy's wants a dollar, not you - you are just a cog in a wheel so forget it. There is a long line of them folks standing outside who will gladly do your job if you can't or won't.

OUCH OUCH - BL- stop that! I'm just kidding for gosh sakes.

Of course, of course. What is said to you by coworkers on the job is the responsibility of your manager to address. If the manager blows it off, then escalate or suck it up and smile. What is put on a personal facebook or blog or website or told ooutside of work is not an issue for Wendy's and the old adage "Never complain, never explain" is still a good one to follow.

And, BTW, experiences ike these, and how you handle them, is what prepares you (or not) for higher responsilility and pay.

As of course does the proper care and feeding of Hef. Hef is a most demanding boss and coach.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh yes - I almost forgot. A real hard punch to the gut followed by a fast right cross to the chin topped off with a groin-shot. That'll do it.

Michelle May said...

Oh people can be just so awful and totally stupid!!! Boils down to major insecurities. It's cause you're a good worker, you're smart and your just too darn pretty! I agree with everything the others have said.

Ok, so now I'm going to focus on the bunny bash since the year of the rabbit is going to be kick butt fabulous!

xx, shell
ps, sorry so long in getting to visit with you. Between David's surgery, Sugie being really sick (scary!) and this show, my mind is mush and my time is shot. Still love ya though and think of you every day. :)

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Jeez, I've been quoted. You already have a bunch of good advice. Hope this has been resolved; keep you eye on the prize, whatever you decide it is.