Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween PhotosYou

Have you ever tried to get two people to pose together and take a nice picture? Tough, I know. Well try dressing up a dog and a rabbit in costumes and getting a good picture. It ain't gunna happen. Someones gunna have weirdo eyes...
Or be looking the wrong way.... But not Hef. Shadow the Dog can't pose for diddly in a costume next to a rabbit. That's the nice thing about rabbits, they can be very still. In case you can't tell Hef is a Devil (of course teehee) and Shadow the Dog is an angel who kept knocking off her halo.
I heard that bunnies like pumpkin puree so the Bunny Lounge will be serving Pumpkin Margaritas.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Shadow the Dog is a typical dog. She loves attention. She gets jealous when The Hef has attention. Case and point last night I had Hef on the bed for some blanket digging. Here's what insued:

Shadow the Dog was on the floor in her bed but realized what was going on and wouldn't let Hef take all the attention.
But hey Hef's a bun and a bun doesn't take a dog stealing their attention laying down.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Those of us bunny fans living in NY have been repeatedly treated to this awesome commercial on the tv, go check it out:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We are honored to have our first award! Thanks Shell! However we can't figure out how to put it on our blog to show it off! D'OH! Shell, Hef is making you a very special Cosmo, but we can't figure out how to get that to you either.

"What makes the Cosmo special? Bunny fur of course!"

So we are supposed to share 7 things about ourself that you don't know? That's tough, here goes:

1. I do not like plain chocolate very much but could eat filled chocolates (creams and nuts, etc.) all day long.

2. I was not one of those kids who dreamed of their wedding, but I have become wedding obssesed since meeting Hef's dad.

3. I would move to NYC in a second.

4. I want to be on a game show, preferabbly Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right.

5. I don't like Eggs.

6. I cook eggs every saturday and sunday for Hef's dad.

7. When Hef's dad took me to see Michael Buble in concert, I cried.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweetest of Days

We ment to post this yesterday. However we were having such a nice sweetest day we lost all track of time and didn't.
First we cashed my paycheck which is always nice. Then Hef's dad got a good deal on a used snowblower.
After that we went to East Aurora NY. Its cute little town with one main street that we walked through and had a nice meal.
Then we came home had champagne and chocolates and watched Meet the Parents. I love the cat in that movie!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's getting Spooky!

Look out! In the Bunny Lounge Kitchen there is a serious problem! Not only is there a Devil Rabbit with both ears and horns (YIKES!) but the spiders are taking over our pumpkin!

Pumpkin idea from Ladies' Home Journal
P.S. Shadow seems to be alright now!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Unholy Terror

THE HORROR! THE HORROR! I will spare you the pictures and extensive details but here's what happened. Hef's Dad and I went to work all day. Shadow the Dog was in her kennel. We came home and that smell hit us. Dog owners know what smell I mean. Shadow the Dog was extensively sick in her kennel. Awful. We had to carry her out of the house in the kennel and hose her and the kennel down. Hef's making me a cosmopoltian right now. Boy do I need it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bun Appetite!

Has anyone seen Julie & Julia? I loved it! Not only is it about a blogger, but also cooking and its quite funny. Afterwards we made a Julia Child Omelette. YUM. They are fast becoming Hef's dad's favorite and we just ordered a special pan to make them in!

P.S. Does anyone follow football? Hef's dad does and boy does our team suck! They lost yesterday 6-3 to the Cleveland Browns, thats just bad! Hef says he kinda looks like a football so watch him instead.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Modern Makeover

We've been working on this for a while quietly in the background, putting up one of those pardon our dust signs so not to bother any of the bunnies visiting the bunny lounge for a drink. FINALLY after looking at it for ten months we have removed the very ugly wallpaper in our bedroom. Look at it:
EWW! So even just having the wallpaper gone has been a big change for us. Ahh refreshing!Oh, but look at the ceiling. Its so bad you can see it in the pictures! SMOKERS! Yes my bedroom used to be home to two people who smoked in bed! EWW! Look at this contrast with the white paint.YAY! Way to go Hef's Dad!Ahh, so much better! This color is Cheyanne Rock by Behr. Oh its so much better!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is Coming! It looks good! (Tasty too!)

We went to a pumpkin farm this past weekend. Now we are ready for Fall to come to The Bunny Lounge. I don't really like calling it "Fall" all those stupid jokes. So let's call it Autumn or Harvest Time, something nice.

"Yeah, it looks nice Ma, please dry these apples out for me. Oh, and bring the hay upstairs. I'll have the pumpkin now""What do you mean decoration?""NOOOOOOOO!"

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I ment to do this on Sept. 6th, Hef's offical adoption day but I was busy then and did not so here it is now.

This is itty bitty baby 6 week old just came to my new home Hef! Look at his big long white stripe!Here is present day Hef. Standing on his own and lost quite a bit of his white stripe!

It's been a great two years with Heffy, I want a million more!